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Stop the Demolitions and Corruption in New Orleans!

Zero Evictions Campaign

As international human rights and housing rights activists, members of international solidarity networks, global associations of inhabitants’ rights, and tenant rights organizations:

  1. We denounce the U.S. government’s plans to permanently displace thousands of public housing residents from New Orleans in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Public housing units are currently being demolished despite being sound and habitable – in fact they maintained minimum damage during the storms.
  2. Government officials do not intend to ensure one-for-one replacement housing – leaving most former residents with no protection for their right to housing. This loss of affordable housing represents a severe undermining of the already weak right to housing protections in New Orleans.
  3. These decisions have been taken in the context of widespread concern over allegations of corruption by officials overseeing the demolition process, including allegations of self dealing and kickbacks.
  4. The dignity and personal possessions of the former residents have not been respected in this process. Contractors have emptied apartments and are discarding and even selling the personal property of residents, including articles of great sentimental and emotional value, without their consent.
  • Article 25 (1), Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Articles 6 and 26, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
  • Articles 2 and 5, International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.
  • Article 11, International Covenants on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
  • Article 27, Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Article 21, UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement.
  • Article 34, Charter of the Organization of American States.
  • Article 26, American Convention on Human Rights.
  • An immediate halt to the demolitions and a guarantee of the right to return for all New Orleans residents, specifically public housing residents, in accordance with international norms.
  • A rebuilding and reconstruction process for public housing in New Orleans that includes real and active participation by residents.
  • That a commission of inquiry be set up immediately to investigate (i) the procedural process that led to the demolitions and (ii) allegations of corruption in connection thereto.

Stop the Demolitions Campaign

  • The completion of surveys to determine the number of displaced public housing residents who wish to return.
  • Support services dedicated to those wishing to return.
  • The immediate establishment of a fact finding mission of the UN-Habitat Advisory Group on Forced Evictions to assist and act as a mediator to protect the human right to housing of News Orleans Hurricane Survivors.
  • The immediate establishment of on-site visits to New Orleans to investigate the violations of the American Convention on Human Rights taking place there.

We wish to draw full solidarity with inhabitants, organizations and social justice struggles in New Orleans and around the world, as well as with the IAI Zero Eviction Campaigns around the globe in protecting the human right to housing for all the world’s citizens.

Our fight is in unity and coalition with the thousands of low income and poor Americans who are facing eviction and displacement every day. We hold the American government accountable to its promises to the neediest and most vulnerable in society.

The Zero Evictions New Orleans Campaign Committee:

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