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On the occasion of the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Goals the IAI, HIC and other international networks and local organizations have participated in meetings organized within and outside of the United Nations building together with the Global Platform for the Right to the City. The program  has focused on drawing attention to the local and global struggles of communities around the world that work every day to defend the righ... »

Leilani Fahra, Relatora de Naciones Unidas sobre el Derecho a la Vivienda, recibió en Nueva York de Cesare Ottolini, coordinador global de la Alianza Internacional de los Habitantes, un dossier realizado por la Fundación Venezolana por el Derecho a la Vivienda (Fundavivienda) sobre los ataques a los urbanismos de la Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela (GMVV), en el contexto de las manifestaciones violentas por parte de la oposición venezolana. »

Renovating the Marolles is great… Still being able to afford to live in them is better! The city of Brussels and the Region of Brussels-capital are launching the "Marolles neighborhood contract". 30 million euros will be invested into the renovation and the "embellishing" of the neighborhood.>>> Sign the Call: Renovation : yes! Raising the rents : no! »

Dal 18 al 20 Maggio si è svolto a Chianciano Terme il 15° Congresso Nazionale dell'Unione Inquilini, occasione per festeggiare i suoi 50 anni. Mezzo secolo nelle lotte per il diritto alla casa e per politiche abitative per gli inquilini e gli abitanti di tutta l’Italia, ben cosciente e impegnata a livello internazionale. Sullo sfondo, la necessità di fare fronte comune a una maggioranza di forze politiche populiste e razziste che, nel « programma di g... »

Dear friends, colleagues and comrades in the international community, Once we again write to you in times of need. Workers of the NutriAsia factory in Bulacan have been on strike for around two months, while Kadamay as an organization of poor Filipinos has lent its suppory throughout this period. »

PTI file photo National Platform of Domestic Workers will lead a protest in Delhi today asking for legal cover in the informal employment sector. »


This month, 22 structures were demolished in the occupied Palestinian Territories (including East Jerusalem) displacing 13 people – 7 of whom are children – and affecting a further 121 people.All the demolitions and confiscations but one – a Punitive demolition of a house in Barta’a ash Sharqia – occurred on the grounds of lacking an Israeli-issued building permit. Most of the demolished structures supported agricultural, herding and commercial livelihoods. »

During the month of December 2017, 9 structures have been demolished in the West Bank (including occupied East Jerusalem), affecting 58 people- out of whom 33 are children. Ten people were displaced due to the demolitions, four of whom were children.More then half of the demolitions this month happened in occupied East Jerusalem, bringing the annual total of demolitions and evictions in the city to 143 structures, directly affecting 654 people, displacing... »

GENEVA (26 July 2018) – UN human rights experts* have condemned the massive eviction of residents of the Kibera informal settlement in southwest Nairobi, and are urging the Kenyan authorities to halt all mass evictions until adequate legal and procedural safeguards are in place. »

As human rights violations have been proven, the government of Kenya must stop evictions of Maasai people and persecution and murdered of human rights defenders in Laipikia County and establish a negotiating and working table to implement the  Recommendations of the International Tribunal on Evictions. Monitoring  under the  World Zero Evictions Days in October this year and involving the United Nations. »

Last Sunday, 15 July, UCLG and its Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights co-organized a special session on the Right to Housing as a preview of the Local and Regional Governments’ Forum held in parallel to the High Level Political Forum (New York, 15-18 July), in partnership with the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). »

Photo credits @UCLG/Mark Schardan Local and regional leaders and housing policy experts met in Barcelona from 2-3 November to reaffirm their commitment to housing as a human right and share experiences on making it a reality. »

Nearly one million American households received eviction judgments in 2016 in new data spanning dozens of states. Candace Williams was evicted in Richmond, Va., which has one of the highest eviction rates in the data. Matt Eich for The New York Times RICHMOND, Va. — Before the first hearings on the morning docket, the line starts to clog the lobby of the John Marshall Courthouse. No cellphones are allowed inside, but many of the people who’ve... »

Vou aproveitar que colei grau ontem e fazer textão sobre a minha paixãozinha econômica: desigualdade e população de rua.Eu tive o privilégio de passar um ano inteirinho do meu primeiro estágio trabalhando com a Profa. Silvia Schor, uma das (se não a maior) referência desse país sobre a dimensão econômica da situação de rua. É ela que encabeçou todos os (bons) censos dessa população feitos em São Paulo desde 2000, já que o IBGE não contabiliza moradores de... »

Comunidad Maria Auxiliadora (CLT), Cochabamba (Bolivie) © Habitat en Mouvement, Pierre Arnold, Charlène Lemarié. Les expériences de formes collectives de propriété, basée sur la notion de communs, se multiplient dans le monde. Irène Salenson  et Claire Simonneau  s’interrogent sur les possibilités qu’elles offrent pour réduire la précarité des habitants les plus défavorisés. »

Best wishes from/for all inhabitants of rural and urban areas who R-Exist: who Fight and Resist to Exist, Dream, Love, Live in solidarity to Build Alternative Social Pacts for the Living Well in Peace and Democracy!We wish you the very best while counting on your support! »