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CALL TO ACTION:On Saturday, June 23 we will be headed to the US Capitol for a massive March to Fight Poverty in Washington, D.C. The rally will begin at 10am. In the face of systemic racism, systemic poverty, ecological devastation, war economy/militarism, and distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism— We must engage in mass nonviolent moral direct action. We must have mass voter registration and mobilization. And we must engage in mass power buil... »

Hoje a CONAM - Confederação Nacional das Associações de Moradores, Brasil comemora 36 anos de luta em defesa das comunidades em todo Brasil! Nestes anos a entidade marcou sua em defesa da democracia e dos direitos sociais! Esta luta é marcada por capítulos de muita resistência e conquistas e mesmo passando por capítulos difíceis da nossa história seguimos em frente! »

Dal 18 al 20 Maggio si è svolto a Chianciano Terme il 15° Congresso Nazionale dell'Unione Inquilini, occasione per festeggiare i suoi 50 anni. Mezzo secolo nelle lotte per il diritto alla casa e per politiche abitative per gli inquilini e gli abitanti di tutta l’Italia, ben cosciente e impegnata a livello internazionale. Sullo sfondo, la necessità di fare fronte comune a una maggioranza di forze politiche populiste e razziste che, nel « programma di g... »

24 May 2018 - Denunciations, including claims for damages, continue against activists defending families from eviction. Yesterday, just after Cesare Ottolini, secretary of Padova Tenants’ Union, and a member of the Italian Tenants’ Union’s national secretariat, as well as global coordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI), was charged to appear in court, Michelangelo Di Beo, a fellow member of the Italian Tenants’ Union’s national secret... »

Save the Narmada, raise your voice!     Farmers,  adivasis,  workers,  cattle grazers, fishermen, boatsmen… Call for freedom from debt, and fair price for agricultural and natural produce Topple the mighty, the chance is ripe! Reach Khalghat on the evening of 29th May...30th May, Pithampur...31st May, at NCA office, Indore. Move through Vijaynagar and Dewas...1st June, Sihore. March on foot from Sihore&nb... »

People in Hyderabad organised public protest against the shooting down of 13 protesters who were marching to government office against Vedanta, an Indian origin multinational company polluting their environment. »


The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights released a report announcing a historic database of companies doing business with illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.Among the American companies that received letters informing them that they’d be on the UN list were Caterpillar, Priceline.com, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb.Click here to tell them: get out of the settlement business! »

Demolition and forced eviction in Giza, Egypt (25 08 2015) 25 августа 2015 года, вооруженная группа людей с полицейскими формированиями из мухафаза Эль-Гиза, разрушили бульдозерами лачуги, расположенные по улице Аль Судан и вступили в кровавые столкновения с бедными жителями, которые были против сноса. Большинство из 300 семей так и не получили альтернативного жилья от мухафаза.Международный призыв к солидарности был сделан египетским Центром... »

As human rights violations have been proven, the government of Kenya must stop evictions of Maasai people and persecution and murdered of human rights defenders in Laipikia County and establish a negotiating and working table to implement the  Recommendations of the International Tribunal on Evictions. Monitoring  under the  World Zero Evictions Days in October this year and involving the United Nations. »

The beginning of the road For over 60 years there have been plans to build the Kibera-Langata link road. In 2016, the final go-ahead was given by government. In the meantime the plans for the road have changed over three times. No matter which plan is instated, the road will cut through Kibera, dividing it in two. In response, members of the community have led the resistance agaisnt the project. Yet, the resistance movements are highly divide... »

Photo credits @UCLG/Mark Schardan Local and regional leaders and housing policy experts met in Barcelona from 2-3 November to reaffirm their commitment to housing as a human right and share experiences on making it a reality. »

Around the world, towns and cities are standing up to defend human rights, democracy and the common good. The Fearless Cities summit will allow municipalist movements to build global networks of solidarity and hope in the face of hate, walls and borders.Join us in Barcelona for political debate, policy exchange, and practical workshops featuring mayors and councilors and municipalist movements that are transforming society from below.From Barcelona strengt... »

Nearly one million American households received eviction judgments in 2016 in new data spanning dozens of states. Candace Williams was evicted in Richmond, Va., which has one of the highest eviction rates in the data. Matt Eich for The New York Times RICHMOND, Va. — Before the first hearings on the morning docket, the line starts to clog the lobby of the John Marshall Courthouse. No cellphones are allowed inside, but many of the people who’ve... »

Vou aproveitar que colei grau ontem e fazer textão sobre a minha paixãozinha econômica: desigualdade e população de rua.Eu tive o privilégio de passar um ano inteirinho do meu primeiro estágio trabalhando com a Profa. Silvia Schor, uma das (se não a maior) referência desse país sobre a dimensão econômica da situação de rua. É ela que encabeçou todos os (bons) censos dessa população feitos em São Paulo desde 2000, já que o IBGE não contabiliza moradores de... »

Best wishes from/for all inhabitants of rural and urban areas who R-Exist: who Fight and Resist to Exist, Dream, Love, Live in solidarity to Build Alternative Social Pacts for the Living Well in Peace and Democracy!We wish you the very best while counting on your support! »

Workers in the aftermath of the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador Photograph: Rodrigo Abd/AP Millions of staff clean our streets and keep our cities moving. It’s time to recognise their contribution to the everyday fabric of our urban lives »