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Balears regula la expropiación de pisos vacíos para alquiler social

El Govern balear ha aprobado el decreto que le permite expropiar por un periodo de 7 años viviendas vacías en manos de grandes propietarios para ponerlas a disposición de demandantes de alquileres sociales.

Ibiza y Mallorca, las islas turísticas con alquileres prohibitivos para trabajadores

Ibiza y Mallorca se han convertido en zonas prohibitivas para los trabajadores que quieren alquilar un piso. El precio de la vivienda está expulsando a empleados de la hostelería, pero también a sanitarios , maestros, policías o vigilantes de seguridad. La problemática empieza a afectar a los residentes, que ya no pueden vivir en su tierra por la escalada de precios: los datos de Idealista (no hay datos oficiales de alquiler) muestran que el precio del alquiler en Baleares en abril de 2019 es de 13,1 euros por metro cuadrado, mientras que la media española es de 10,8. El precio del alquiler ha ido subiendo desde octubre de 2015, cuando el precio del metro cuadrado era de 8,2 euros.

India, 14 Political parties, 150 organisations sign charter for ‘liveable cities, not smart cities

Civil societies have prepared a charter of demands in which urban livelihood issues like housing, jobs, migration, sanitation, safe drinking water, mobility and sustainability is one of the demands.

Tunisia, 20 March 2019: March To consolidate the fundamentals of a civil state, To save the schools of the republic and the benefits of the public health system

On the occasion of March 20 andits symbolic illustration of the gains of the state of independence which had stake in the future generations,And in view of our commitment to the Tunisian people’s right to lay the foundations for the modern, democratic and civil state we have fought and are still fightingto establish as a safeguard of freedom, dignity, justice, and equality,

Italy must urgently protect evicted migrant workers from exploitation, say UN rights experts

GENEVA (13 March 2019) – Italy must act urgently to protect hundreds of migrant workers evicted from an informal settlement in Calabria, say UN human rights experts*. The informal settlement in San Ferdinando, which housed about 2,000 people, was cleared by the authorities between 6 and 8 March.

Baltimore votes to become first large U.S. city to ban water privatisation

Baltimore's aging infrastructure has drawn increasing attention from private water companies seeking to take over management of parts of the city systems.

Evicted and Abandoned. Villagers In Limbo As World Bank Abandons Controversial Kosovo Power Plant

The decision ends the World Bank’s support for coal worldwide, but also leaves villagers unsure of their fate as the Kosovo government vows to push ahead with the power plant.

Troubling trend sees evictions in Somalia double

Over 204,000 people were forcibly removed from their homes this year, nearly double the same period last year, with many people made homeless multiple times.

In 83 Million Eviction Records, a Sweeping and Intimate New Look at Housing in America

Nearly one million American households received eviction judgments in 2016 in new data spanning dozens of states. Candace Williams was evicted in Richmond, Va., which has one of the highest eviction rates in the data. Matt Eich for The New York Times RICHMOND, Va. — Before the first hearings on the morning docket, the line starts to clog the lobby of the John Marshall Courthouse. No cellphones are allowed inside, but many of the people who’ve been summoned don’t learn that until they arrive. “Put it in your car,” the sheriff’s deputies suggest at the metal detector. That advice is no help to renters who have come by bus. To make it inside, some tuck their phones in the bushes nearby.

São Paulo, Pessoas en situaçao de rua e MacDonald's

Vou aproveitar que colei grau ontem e fazer textão sobre a minha paixãozinha econômica: desigualdade e população de rua.Eu tive o privilégio de passar um ano inteirinho do meu primeiro estágio trabalhando com a Profa. Silvia Schor, uma das (se não a maior) referência desse país sobre a dimensão econômica da situação de rua. É ela que encabeçou todos os (bons) censos dessa população feitos em São Paulo desde 2000, já que o IBGE não contabiliza moradores de rua - as Prefeituras que têm dinheiro costumam encomendar esses estudos de órgãos privados como a Fipe, onde eu trabalhei.