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Declaration for the Day of Human Rights and the Right to the City

We, social movements, civil society and local governments’ organizations are committed to social justice through the promotion, defense and fulfillment of all human rights related to habitat, including the Human Right to Adequate Housing, Land and the Right to the City in every region of the world.

Declaration on the World Day for the Right to the City

On the occasion of the World Day for the Right to the City, the Global Platform for the Right to the City stands in solidarity with the victims of  and resistance to urban development driven by neoliberal policies, in particular against forced evictions, and launches a strong appeal to local and national governments and the UN to implement the Right to the City as a collective path to build just, inclusive, peaceful and sustainable cities for all.  

Inhumane conditions in informal settlements a "global scandal", says UN rights expert

NEW YORK (18 October 2018) –  Ignoring almost 900 million people living in overcrowded informal settlements is a global human rights scandal that governments must resolve, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to housing said today.

Plus de sécurité foncière grâce aux communs ?

Comunidad Maria Auxiliadora (CLT), Cochabamba (Bolivie) © Habitat en Mouvement, Pierre Arnold, Charlène Lemarié. Les expériences de formes collectives de propriété, basée sur la notion de communs, se multiplient dans le monde. Irène Salenson  et Claire Simonneau  s’interrogent sur les possibilités qu’elles offrent pour réduire la précarité des habitants les plus défavorisés.

2018: Long live the Inhabitants R-Existences in Solidarity!

Best wishes from/for all inhabitants of rural and urban areas who R-Exist: who Fight and Resist to Exist, Dream, Love, Live in solidarity to Build Alternative Social Pacts for the Living Well in Peace and Democracy!We wish you the very best while counting on your support!

Municipal workers: the invisible, underpaid people who run our cities

Workers in the aftermath of the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador Photograph: Rodrigo Abd/AP Millions of staff clean our streets and keep our cities moving. It’s time to recognise their contribution to the everyday fabric of our urban lives

Наилучшие пожелания к Новому 2017 году. Пусть все жильцы живут в гармонии с Матерью Землей!

Наилучшие пожелания всем жильцам и жителям сел и городов, тем, кто мечтает, любит, живет и строит, кто совместно борется, крепит солидарность и отстаивает альтернативные пути развития.Мы желаем Вам самого наилучшего в Новом году и рассчитываем на Вашу поддержку!

Habitat III’s New Urban Agenda will not deliver unless it creates decent work and fully includes trade unions and workers

Over 70 people attended Habitat III’s Trade Union and Workers Roundtable  held on 18 October 2016 by a joint international trade union and allies delegation headed by Public Services International (PSI) and Building and Woodworkers International (BWI).

Подпишите Петицию за Право на город!

Люди могут жить в одном городе, но только немногие из них могут наслаждаться им в полной мере: вся жизнь уходит на долгие поездки на работу и затем домой, женщины боятся ходить по темным улицам,  места общего пользования, доступные не для всех, нехватка зеленых насаждений, городские районы с сегрегацией, и прибыль выше всего. Эти нарушения нашего коллективного Права на город являются повседневной нормой для большинства жителей планеты, и они в последние десятилетия стали еще более явными.

Message to Habitat III: it's a scandal the “New Urban Agenda” is ignoring the economic frames of the global housing crisis

Members of the “international working group for the promotion of market regulation and market alternatives at Habitat III” have sent a very critical message to the participants at third prepcom of Habitat III (Surabaya, 25-27 July 2016), pointing out that it is a really scandal that the draft of the “New Urban Agenda” still keeps totally silent about the development and crisis of globalized markets. To face evictions because the mortgage and housing crisis, the public and municipal debt and poverty as a consequence of structural adjustment programs, privatisation and austerity, it should be introduced the regulation of financial and property markets, especially the rent control, taxation of transactions and private insolvency.Those issue will instead be at the center of the People's Social Forum Resistance to Habitat III (Quito, 17-20 october 2016)