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Amnesty International public statement

13 October 2009 Nigeria: Security forces use violence against demonstrators Amnesty International condemns the excessive use of force by some members of the security forces in Bundu waterfront community, Port Harcourt, Rivers State on 12 October. At least three people were killed and eleven seriously injured when combined troops of the Joint Task Force (JTF) and police used firearms to disperse a crowd.

UN-Habitat Recognizes Huairou Commission and Importance of Grassroots Women in Development

l-r: Mr. Shaun Donovan, Ms. Jan Peterson and Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka on the occassion of World Habitat day 2009 UN-HABITAT has signed a milestone agreement with the Huairou Commission to strengthen the involvement of grassroots women in projects and programmes for better housing and sustainable urban development. The agreement signed Monday on World Habitat Day strengthens areas of existing work, and also ventures into newer areas, such as information technology.

Blog da Raquel Rolnik

Raquel Rolnik é urbanista, professora da Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Universidade de São Paulo e relatora especial da Organização das Nações Unidas para o direito à moradia adequada. Visite e comente!

Доклад Amnesty International 2009

ДЕЛО НЕ ТОЛЬКО В ЭКОНОМИКЕ — ЭТО КРИЗИС В ОБЛАСТИ ПРАВ ЧЕЛОВЕКА ... Миллиарды людей страдают от незащищённости, несправедливости и унижения. Это — кризис в области прав человека. Айрин Кан, general secretary Amnesty International

Dignity International: Enter the Campaign Identity Contest

Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (India), the Four Slum Regional Network (Thailand), the Nairobi People’s Settlement Network (NPSN), Ekta Parishad (India), Union National dos Moradias Popular (Brazil), the European Anti Poverty Network, the International Alliance of Inhabitants, and Dignity International are preparing to launch a campaign on “Dignity for All” in October 2009. The Campaign will focus on pushing governments to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of people in urban and rural areas whose realities are currently being ignored by the state. These are people, families and communities that are either not taken into account by public policy or deliberately under attack by state or non state actors with the support of the state. This contest is for a campaign name and/or logo. The contest is open to anyone who would like to participate. Deadline for entries: 12/06/2009

Report of the Special rapporteur on adequate housing and the global crisis

The present report is the first one presented to the Human Rights Council by the new mandate holder, Raquel Rolnik, who took up her position on 1 May 2008. In view of the current crisis in the housing and financial sector, the Special Rapporteur decided to devote this thematic report to the consequences of certain economic, financial and housing policies and approaches that have seriously impacted the right to adequate housing in the past decades and have contributed to the present crisis.

The Size of Derivatives Bubble = $190K Per Person on Planet

By Tom Foremski - October 16, 2008 The Invisible One Quadrillion Dollar Equation -- Asymmetric Leverage and Systemic Risk

Australia: Homeless World Cup - More Than Football

MELBOURNE, Dec 4 (IPS) - While the action has been fast and furious among the 56 teams competing in the 2008 Homeless World Cup -- a football tournament in which homeless and marginalised people from around the world represent their respective nations -- the problems associated with homelessness are never too far away.By Stephen de Tarczynski

COHRE объявляет о своих Премиях по Жилищным правам 2008

МОК, Израиль и Италия порицаются; Конституционное Собрание Эквадора и активисты прав жилья рекомендуютсяЦентр по Защите Жилищных Прав и Борьбе с Выселениями (COHRE) объявил сегодня лауреатов его ежегодной Премии по Жилищным Правам на это год. Международный Олимпийский Комитет (МОК) и Правительства Израиля и Италии получили Премию Нарушителей Жилищных Прав за продемонстрированный ими отказ защитить и обеспечить применение жилищных прав. Конституционной Ассамблее Эквадора была присуждена Премия Защитника Жилищных Прав 2008 за его роль в создании Эквадора как первой страны в мире, явно признающей в своей Конституции диапазон ключевых жилищных и связанных с ними прав. Госпожа Пия Ндаирадие из Бурунди, г-н Кен Фернандес из Австралии и Чикагская, базируемаы в США Коалиция по Защите Общественного жилия, стали лауреатами Премии Защитника Жилищных Прав 2008 с учетом их выдающихся вкладов в защиту жилищных прав.

World Social Forum of Migrations

Today as we commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, the twenty years since the deaths along the Gilbralter began, 35 years of the military strike against the democratic president, Salvador Allende, while this same legitimacy is gravely threatened in Bolivia and requests our consciousness and solidarity, and as we celebrate the 60th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we, men and women, who form a part of more than two thousand social movements and organizations from 90 countries around the planet, united in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Spain), from September 11th to the 14th, are joined by the slogan OUR VOICES, OUR RIGHTS, FOR A WORLD WITHOUT WALLS