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East Africa Right To Housing Innitiatives

Name of the initiative:
East Africa Right To Housing Innitiatives
Location on the map:
Patrick Kamotho
Date of the initiative:
Patrick Kamotho,Benson Bwibo,Mercy Johnson
Participants ana actors:
tenants , persons seeking housing
PETITION No.64 of 2010

The 3265 Muthurwa residents instituted court case to challenge the government of Kenya the Attorney General, Kenya Railways Cooperation and Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefit scheme on Article 43.1 (B) & 28 In the matter of articles 2,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,35,43,45,48,50,53,54 & 57,62 of Constitution Republic of Kenya and rule 11(C) & 12 (Protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals)Practice and procedure rules.

The case also incorporates matter of Article 25 on the Universal declaration on Human Rights, Article 11 of International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights, Article 27 of International convention of the Rights of Children and Article 26 of the convention on rights of people with disabilities.

Through this court cases interventions the community leaders have been involved in a number of activities that have advanced the plight of Kenyans to achieve the right to housing petitioned the Office of the President, Prime Minister, Attorney General.

Community participated in giving inputs on draft Evictions guidelines awareness forum held on 5th-April, 2011 at Muthurwa Dallas Social Hall.
This landmark case is earmarked for submission by former President on United Nation Human Rights on Housing on 8th-March-2013
Residents registered Muthurwa Residents Welfare Association to address the plight of residents,collaborating with other estates within the country to address the plight of urban residents.The group was involved in a Task force on service delivery for the residents of Nairobi,report submitted to the Mayor of Nairobi on March 7,2012.
World Assembly of Inhabitants  , Right to the city , World social Forum
Patrick Kamotho