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Subscribe to the Recommendations of the Session of Inhabitants Organisations at AFRICITIES VII

SH02 Session of Associations of Inhabitants

Africities VII

30 November 2015


We, the undersigned organisations, hereby respectfully submit the following Recommendations developed by the participants in the Session on the Associations of Inhabitants for consideration at the Political Session of the Summit for adoption into the operational programme of the UCLG-A, and as a contribution to HABITAT III

Recognising that:

  1. The resolutions presented in 2012 at the Africities VI have not been widely adopted by local governments.
  2. Local associations of inhabitants are committed to developing an inclusive network of organisations to protect the interests of poor and marginalised urban and non-urban citizens in Africa through advocacy for appropriate local government policies, especially with regard to housing and shelter

We submit the following recommendations to:

Mayors and Local Authorities of Africa

  1. To accelerate the acceptance and implementation of the resolutions contained in the proposals of the Africities VI, by creating follow-up committees to promote these recommendations  in each country;
  2. To promote meaningful engagement with communities through associations of inhabitants that incorporates them into decision-making processes;
  3. To make urban housing and land inclusive for the development of our cities.

The National Governments of Africa 

  1. To develop pro-poor strategies to eliminate homelessness and substandard housing;
  2. To promote and implement community-based projects in urban and rural areas in collaboration with local communities and civil society;
  3. To ensure that local authorities and governments have the necessary capacity and resources to meet their obligations to uphold the human right to adequate housing for all.

The International Development Partners

  1. To provide resources including political support to promote dialogue between associations of inhabitants and local authorities;
  2. To support methodologies to promote integrated and balanced rural and urban development;
  3. Ensure the involvement of local communities when implementing projects.

Signatories appeal (11)

  • ZRIBI Ali Abdelmônem, Ecole nationale d'architecture et d'urbanisme de Tunis et Laboratoire de recherche Syfacte - Tunisia
  • Mercy Ilanyi, Migori community learning resource center - Kenya
  • David Otieno , Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya - Kenya
  • Wilfred Olal, Bunge La Mwananchi - Kenya
  • Ben Slama Soha, Collectif pour le Droit au Logement Décent et Alliance Internationale des Habitants - Tunisia
  • Patrick Kamotho Githinji, East Africa Climate Change Network - Kenya
  • Gigi Wing-Davies, - Zimbabwe
  • Mike Davies, International Alliance of Inhabitants - Zimbabwe
  • Cristina Reynals, FEDEVI - Argentina
  • Abdallah Alhassan Ibn, Slum Union of Ghana - Ghana