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Do not keep silent: Communicate your case of eviction!


International Tribunal on Evictions 2016

Today, forced evictions threaten between 50 and 70 million people worldwide. The International Tribunal on Evictions launches an international Call to identify not numbers but concrete cases of evictions from housing and land for its fifth Session that will take place  within the World Zero Evictions Days at the World Urban Social Forum, alternative to the Conference of the United Nations Habitat III (Quito, Ecuador. October  2016).

Following the success of previous Sessions, this fifth Session consolidates the Tribunal as a useful point of reference for everybody.

The Tribunal is a joint tool for organizations of inhabitants and all stakeholders that defend the right to housing and to land. It aims to reinforce the recognition, propositions and fights against violations of those rights at local, national and international levels. It also aims to put the spotlight on threats and violence of all kind committed against the defenders of those rights.

The Session's Recommendations will be brought to the United Nations and  the Governments gathered at Habitat III and to those responsible for violations to the Right to Housing. They will be published on the ITE web, disseminate worldwide and implemented by the mobilization of solidarity at all levels.

Working method

This Call is disseminated worldwide in order to identify cases of evictions through a webform. You are all kindly invited to fill the webform before August 15th 2016.

The secretariat of the Tribunal will coordinate the preliminary phase of investigation by selecting the most significant cases in terms of severity, number of people affected, as well as representation of themes and continents.

Then a Jury, made of representatives of civil society, international organizations and academics, involved in the defense and respect of human and housing rights, will evaluate the claims in light of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and all international legal instruments related to the enforcement of the right to housing and land security.

At the October 2016 Session,within the World Zero Evictions Days at the  World Urban Social Forum in Quito, Ecuador, the Tribunal will publicly examine the selected cases and will issue a judgment and make recommendations to the various officials.

The Tribunal will issue formal recommendations to the United Nations and the Governments gathered at Habitat III, to the economic and institutional actors responsible for the evictions, and to civic organizations helping them enforce their demands by the authorities.


To submit a case of evictions, go to the International Tribunal on Evictions website  before August 15th 2016

Do not keep silent: Communicate your case of eviction!

Fill out the eviction case webform before August 15th 2016!

For further information, please contact:  tie2016@habitants.org


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