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Призыв Международного Альянса Жителей подключиться к кампании солидарности за достойное и гарантированное жильё

На данный момент, вследствие широкомасштабных инвестиций финансового капитала и капитала недвижимости, социальной, экономической и расовой дискриминации, войны и природных бедствий, миллиарду людей по всему земному шару угрожает либо бездомность, либо плохие жилищные условия.

The International Tribunal on Evictions is an opinion tribunal established by civil society organisations for the World Zero Evictions Days – for the Right to Habitat to practically and interactively discuss the question of forced evictions around the world. The Tribunal relies on their expertise and on the appointment of a competent and recognized Jury, as well as on the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) and other instruments of international law in order to pass judgement on real cases of forced evictions that constitute human rights violations.

We call our friends of the international community in publicly supporting this historical occupation. Thousands of lives and homes are at stake.

To stop the evictions in Bulacan, Philippines, we call upon international solidarity which is why we are asking everyone:

  • to sign the Call to Action
  • send letters of protest directly to the Embassies of Philippines  in your country. 

Please find: Directory of Philippines Embassies worldwide

You can use  the Call to Action as sample.

Important: send your message + photo so they can be published by nicolas@habitants.org

We ask your help: click here to e-mail to the Mayor of Açailândia, to the Government and the General Attorney of Justice of Maranhão, northeastern Brazil, to say no more pollution killing the 1,100 residents of Piquiá de Baixo, no more excuses to delay their resettlement!

Au Gouvernement du Cameroun :

Les signataires ci-dessous demandent avec force :


International Tribunal on Evictions 2016

Today, forced evictions threaten between 50 and 70 million people worldwide. The International Tribunal on Evictions launches an international Call to identify not numbers but concrete cases of evictions from housing and land for its fifth Session that will take place  within the World Zero Evictions Days at the World Urban Social Forum, alternative to the Conference of the United Nations Habitat III (Quito, Ecuador. October  2016).


Губернатору М.Р. Сукхумбханд Парибатра, Губернатору Бангкока

Генералу полиции Асвин Кхавнмуанг, Заместителю Губернатора Бангкока 

173 Динзо Роуд, Пха Накхон
 Бангкок, Таиланд 10200.

Факс: +66 2-621 0878


Мы, члены ассоциаций жителей, международных сетей, групп добровольцев, неправительственных организаций, государственных органов, а также граждане мира выражаем свое негодование и осуждаем непрекращающуюся израильскую политику выселений и сноса домов, направленную против палестинского народа, как граждан Израиля, так и граждан Оккупированных Палестинских Территорий. Эти выселения и снос домов грубейшим образом попирают основы международного права.

Призыв к акции международной солидарности

To break the silence on the fate of millions of people and put pressure on international institutions to play the role they should, the Zero Evictions Nigeria Campaign addresses an appeal not only to the Nigerian authorities, but also to UN-Habitat, the European Union, the Africa Union, the G8, the IMF and the WB.