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Leilani Farha (Relatora sobre derecho a la vivienda adecuada, Naciones Unidas) El  8  de Junio en la ciudad de Buenos Aires- Argentina se desarrollo el encuentro Consenso Nacional para un Hábitat Digno. Estrategias para construir territorios justos, democráticos y sostenibles , organizado por el colectivo Habitar Argentina y el CELS.De esta convocatoria participaron Leilani Farha (Relatora sobre derecho a la vivienda adecuada, Naci... »

Tras las tres primeras Audiencias del Yasuní , de los Pueblos Fumigados  y de los Basurales a Cielo Abierto , la Ruta por la Verdad y Justicia para la Naturaleza y los Pueblos continúa.Mensaje de apoyo de la Alianza Internacional de Habitantes. »

For more than a thousand years Venice has been the city symbol of the balance between Man and Nature; its magic comes from and lives in the extraordinary co-penetration of art and nature, stone and water, city and Lagoon. This fragile equilibrium is seriously threatened by the industry of mass tourism, of which the mega cruise ships are one of the worst aspects: over-sized polluting ships, dangerous for the safety of the city which is Unesco heritage. The... »

Il ne manquait plus que ça. On apprend que la bande à Michel s’apprête à faire voter en septembre une loi, d’ores et déjà approuvée en première lecture, selon laquelle les squatteurs-squatteuses seront désormais passibles de prison ferme.Ainsi donc, après les expulsions massives du chômage, couplées à de nouveaux contrats d’emploi toujours plus précaires, après les coupes dans les aides aux associations de quartiers et dans les subventions aux soins de san... »

MSI formed the Hyderabad Bastee People's Federation at a Meeting of the leaders of slum communities at the MSI Auditorium on 12th August 2017. The five fold Goals of the Federation are: Uniting people of the 1486 Bastees of Hyderabad, Protection of rights, Zero Evictions, Right to City, and Formation of National and International Alliances. A 15 member Central Committee was formed to take the Goals forward.The Federation elected Mr. Md. Ashfaq as the pres... »

On August 7 2017 one of KADAMAY’s main areas for organizing, Sitio San Roque faced a fire that destroyed more than a hundred homes. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined, also a possible malicious motive is being investigated. San Roque has faced almost 10 fires in the past few years. Residents say it is one of the tactics of the those who would like to see the community demolished for more commercial purposes. »


Demolition and forced eviction in Giza, Egypt (25 08 2015) 25 августа 2015 года, вооруженная группа людей с полицейскими формированиями из мухафаза Эль-Гиза, разрушили бульдозерами лачуги, расположенные по улице Аль Судан и вступили в кровавые столкновения с бедными жителями, которые были против сноса. Большинство из 300 семей так и не получили альтернативного жилья от мухафаза.Международный призыв к солидарности был сделан египетским Центром... »

“Yes for a fair rent law that protects the right to housing for old tenants." Protest in Sassine square, Achrafieh, Beirut, 3 December 2014 (Image courtesy of sakanbeirut.wordpress.com) The Committee for the Rights of Tenants Laws has organized a march in Beirut, towards the Speaker's House in Ain el-Tineh on Wednesday 10 December to pressure on parliamentarians to withdraw the new law that liberalize old rent contracts before it goes in... »

Dans le cadre d’une mission de soutien, d’information et de sensibilisation, auprès de ces membres l’Union des Associations et des Coordinations d’Associations pour le Développement et la Défense des Droits des Démunies (UACDDDD) a dépêché du 22 au 24 février dernier une délégation dans 4 villages des 03 Communes du cercle de Kita se trouvant dans la forêt qui l’objet d’une convoitise énorme. Aujourd’hui, ils sont plus d’une centaine de villages qui sont m... »

Le Réseau Marocain Pour Le Logement décent membre de la Coalition marocaine pour la justice climatique, après une forte participation aux différentes activités dans les espaces alloués à la société civile au congrès de la cop 22 qui  a eu lieu entre le 7 et le 18 Novembre 2016 à Marrakech, confirme son attachement aux principes de la justice climatique et de continuer à les défendre sans régression, et de jouer un rôle de premier plan  au sein de... »

Around the world, towns and cities are standing up to defend human rights, democracy and the common good. The Fearless Cities summit will allow municipalist movements to build global networks of solidarity and hope in the face of hate, walls and borders.Join us in Barcelona for political debate, policy exchange, and practical workshops featuring mayors and councilors and municipalist movements that are transforming society from below.From Barcelona strengt... »

In Europe, it is the cities that once again lead the way as places of radical innovation and democratic renewal - and provide answers to the challenges we face in our continent. »

Vou aproveitar que colei grau ontem e fazer textão sobre a minha paixãozinha econômica: desigualdade e população de rua.Eu tive o privilégio de passar um ano inteirinho do meu primeiro estágio trabalhando com a Profa. Silvia Schor, uma das (se não a maior) referência desse país sobre a dimensão econômica da situação de rua. É ela que encabeçou todos os (bons) censos dessa população feitos em São Paulo desde 2000, já que o IBGE não contabiliza moradores de... »

"Homelessness prevention in the context of evictions": full report - final version Home is associated with safety, belonging, esteem and personal and child development. Housing and home are intertwined with health, poverty or wealth and opportunity in general. Eviction involves the involuntary removal of people from their homes, with many negative personal and social consequences, particularly for children.In EU Member States where evictions are... »

Наилучшие пожелания всем жильцам и жителям сел и городов, тем, кто мечтает, любит, живет и строит, кто совместно борется, крепит солидарность и отстаивает альтернативные пути развития.Мы желаем Вам самого наилучшего в Новом году и рассчитываем на Вашу поддержку! »

Over 70 people attended Habitat III’s Trade Union and Workers Roundtable  held on 18 October 2016 by a joint international trade union and allies delegation headed by Public Services International (PSI) and Building and Woodworkers International (BWI). »