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An invitation: Narmada Sanskriti Sanvaad, October 7-8, 2017

Narmada Sanskriti Sanvaad, October 7-8, 2017 An invitation Dear Friends, Zindabaad !

The Hyderabad Bastee People's Federation birth

MSI formed the Hyderabad Bastee People's Federation at a Meeting of the leaders of slum communities at the MSI Auditorium on 12th August 2017. The five fold Goals of the Federation are: Uniting people of the 1486 Bastees of Hyderabad, Protection of rights, Zero Evictions, Right to City, and Formation of National and International Alliances. A 15 member Central Committee was formed to take the Goals forward.The Federation elected Mr. Md. Ashfaq as the president.

Philippines, Call for Support re San Roque Fire

On August 7 2017 one of KADAMAY’s main areas for organizing, Sitio San Roque faced a fire that destroyed more than a hundred homes. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined, also a possible malicious motive is being investigated. San Roque has faced almost 10 fires in the past few years. Residents say it is one of the tactics of the those who would like to see the community demolished for more commercial purposes.

India, the International Solidarity Stand With Narmada

Join for a #SolidarityAction @JantarMantar, July 27th, 5:30 PMActivists of Narmada Bachao Andolan along with Medha Patkar are undertaking an indefinite fast from today on the banks of river Narmada in Badwani, Madhya Pradesh. They are taking this step for justice, for life and civilization in Narmada valley, for humanity. They are protesting the forceful eviction of two lakh people from 192 villages and one township in Narmada valley, because Government of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh wants to fill the Sardar Sarovar Dam. NBA is resisting this, because none of the resettlement sites are ready and people can’t be forced to move out of their villages and live on the streets in today’s India. This is illegal. Anti Constitutional. and ensures complete injustice. We have stood with the activists of Narmada and this time we have to stand with them in this hour of crisis.

India, Alert Narmada Valley

Around 600 NBA activists and people of Narmada Valley along with Medha Patkar got detained from Bhopal and Habibganj Railway station in Bhopa​l​. The full solidarity of the International Alliance of Inhabitants with the activists ​ and against the evictions threathened next July 31 2017​.​ Madhya Pradesh Police detained and kept people at three places, New Central Jail (Gandhinagar, Bhopal), Habibganj and Rest at Bhopal Railway Junction. Another Attack on People’s Movements by Madhya Pradesh Govt.

Philippines, Urban poor threatened by evictions express solidarity with ‘familiar tale’ of Grenfell tragedy

Members of KADAMAY in San Roque held a candle lighting and offered flowers along their community to show solidarity with the Grenfell fire victims marking a week since the tragedy. KADAMAY noted the similarities between the plight experienced in West London and the state of housing in the country. They said that in both situations evicting people through privatization schemes and sub-standard public housing was at the core.

Jobs and wage increases will allow poor Filipinos to pay for gov’t housing - KADAMAY

News Release 4/26/2017 Reference: Michael Beltran 09554571061, Gloria Arellano, Chairperson – 09213927457 KADAMAY said that adequate jobs and wage increase will improve the overall standards of living of poor Filipinos and allow for them to pay for affordable government housing.

SUPPORT the Zero Evictions #OccupyBulacan Campaign: 20.000 people!

To mark the International Women’s Day, Kadamay launched the #OccupyBulacan  campaign on March 8, 2017. Almost 5,000 members participated and successfully occupied around 6,000 idle housing in five relocation sites on the first day. To date, about 20,000 members continue to sustain the campaign now covering Padre Pio de Pande resettlement, Pandi Heights BJMP Housing, Villa Luis AFP/PNP Housing, Pandi Residence 3, and Pandi Village 2.

Бедняки городов Филиппин #OccupyBulacan 6000 свободных домов

Восьмого марта, в Международный женский день, женщины Филиппин и члены организации КАДАМАЙ (KADAMAY) повели большую группу тех, кто живет в местах переселения в район Булакан (Bulacan), на акцию захвата примерно 5 280 пустующих домов. Правительство ответило на эту массовую акцию отнюдь не дружелюбно. Правительственные чиновники организовали продуктовую блокаду и постоянные угрозы и преследования против бедняков Филиппин. Десятого марта правительство выставило участникам организации и акции Кадамай и тысячам бедняков Филиппин ультиматум с требованием освободить занятые помещения в семь дней или же они будут подвергнуты насильственному выселению.Международная ассоциация жильцов выражает свою солидарность и призывает к поддержке Кадамай и за Букалан без выселений!

Philippines: Urban poor want resumption of peace talks for genuine housing rights

I would just like to share with you some updates on our campaign. The government of Philippines  had it's first housing summit under the new administration. KADAMAY was there to participate and we also brought along a large contingent (around 4,300 people).