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SUPPORT the Zero Evictions #OccupyBulacan Campaign: 20.000 people!

To mark the International Women’s Day, Kadamay launched the #OccupyBulacan  campaign on March 8, 2017. Almost 5,000 members participated and successfully occupied around 6,000 idle housing in five relocation sites on the first day. To date, about 20,000 members continue to sustain the campaign now covering Padre Pio de Pande resettlement, Pandi Heights BJMP Housing, Villa Luis AFP/PNP Housing, Pandi Residence 3, and Pandi Village 2.

Бедняки городов Филиппин #OccupyBulacan 6000 свободных домов

Восьмого марта, в Международный женский день, женщины Филиппин и члены организации КАДАМАЙ (KADAMAY) повели большую группу тех, кто живет в местах переселения в район Булакан (Bulacan), на акцию захвата примерно 5 280 пустующих домов. Правительство ответило на эту массовую акцию отнюдь не дружелюбно. Правительственные чиновники организовали продуктовую блокаду и постоянные угрозы и преследования против бедняков Филиппин. Десятого марта правительство выставило участникам организации и акции Кадамай и тысячам бедняков Филиппин ультиматум с требованием освободить занятые помещения в семь дней или же они будут подвергнуты насильственному выселению.Международная ассоциация жильцов выражает свою солидарность и призывает к поддержке Кадамай и за Букалан без выселений!

Philippines: Urban poor want resumption of peace talks for genuine housing rights

I would just like to share with you some updates on our campaign. The government of Philippines  had it's first housing summit under the new administration. KADAMAY was there to participate and we also brought along a large contingent (around 4,300 people).

Hyderabad city slum people's federation demand 2BHK housing by 2019

The Hyderabad City Slum People’s Federation (HCHPF) decided to pursue their demand for adequate housing and basic amenities through in situ  development. Over 300 leaders representing the 1086 slum communities in Hyderabad demanded that adequate funds are allotted in the State Budget so that the 2 BHK housing of the Telangana Government is fully realized. It also demanded that unlike last financial year, the allotted funds for housing in the recently presented Budget are fully utilized to provide housing for the working classes. Civil society leaders representing legal, academic, and environmental and human rights organisations promised support to the Federation. The General Body Meeting adopted the following Statement and Demands at the Meeting.

Building solidarity across borders, connecting alliance in India

Rob with Housing leader and Anthony Prashant Connecting with alliances in India by Robert Robinson Mumbai India  – As a community activist and organizer, I have had the opportunity to travel around the world meeting with members of communities struggling against, displacement due to mega projects, gentrification based evictions and a lack of access to water and adequate sanitation. One such trip happened in late November and early December of 2016 and will be forever etched in my memory.

Philippines, Urban poor groups calls on Duterte to Punish ‘Demolition Warlords’

Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap kicked off their #ZeroEviction campaign with several protests. They joined other groups trooping to the House of Representatives against the Emergency Powers Bill, while residents of Apollo, Tandang Sora who have been homeless since June painted and confronted the blockade to their homes and relocatees in Montalban who have been occupying vacant housing units held a ‘banig protest.’

Open Letter to The Honorable Chief Minister Sri K .Cchandrashekar Rao Telangana State - Hyderabad Regarding the Massive Displacement threatening the People of the new State of Telangana

Close to 400 villagers have assembled at the protest site in Etigadda Kistapur, which is one of the eight villages that will be submerged. (Photo credit: TS Sudhir) No one can deny the need for irrigation projects to bring water for purposes of agriculture, particularly in a rain fed region like the Telangana. Yet, urgent need as it is, such projects cannot deny the people their participation, voluntary consent and rightful compensation as per the law of the land. It is most unfortunate that in the case of Mallannasagar project, the government has resorted to several deviations, effectively denying people their democratic rights

Campaign for Housing and Tenurial Rights - Montfort Social Institute And A.P. Platform for the Rights of the Urban Poor

The UN Habitat III Conference is scheduled for the third week of October this year. The Government of India has presented a very rosy picture of the situation of urban development in the country. But much of this vision in terms of SMART cities, AMRUT, Heritage Cities and the Capital Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh have little for the poor

Taiwan, Kaohsiung Protests as forced evictions loom

Activists demand the suspension of three development projects during an anti-forced eviction demonstration outside the Democratic Progressive Party's Kaohsiung headquarters on Wednesday, Aug. 10. Taiwan Alliance of Anti-Forced Eviction representative Tien Chi-feng expressed hopes of seeing President Tsai and Chen immediately suspend eviction and removal of affected houses in Qishan's Dagouding, a local fruit and vegetable marketplace, and Ljavek village.

Подпишите сейчас Нет выселениям жителей района Пом Махакан!

Надпись на плакате, возведенном городскими властями Бангкока, гласила: «Спасибо за возвращенный Пом Махакан, исторический памятник для всех людей». Но власти планируют начать выселение около 300 человек уже 3 сентября.Пожалуйста, подпишите  на сайт е  прямо сейчас, кликнув здесь ,чтобы поддержать жителей   района  Пом Махакан   в   момент , когда   они   оказывают   сопротивление   этой   страшной   перспективе   будущего .