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Мы призываем к международной солидарности и к поддержке 32-летней борьбы Нармады Бачао Андолана, против авторитарного решения премьер-министра Индии закрыть ворота озера Сардар-Саровар-Дам, против разрушительного для окружающей среды и прав человека проекта, не предусматривающего реабилитацию для 40 000 человек, живущих в районах, которые уйдут под воду в результате осуществления проекта.

Подпишите сейчас кликнув здесь на сообщение с протестом!

Проводите ненасильственные демонстрации перед посольствами Индии!

BECAUSE  even today, about 40,000 families live in the submergence area  of the Sardar Sarovar Dam - thousands of farmers and tribals  are being denied their legal right to cultivable land based rehabilitation, thousands of landless workers, fisher people, potters, small traders, are being deprived of their livelihood without rehabilitation and well-settled flourishing villages are being submerged.

UPDATE : @medhanarmada has just been lifted from the Dharna site on 12th day of her fast

The canes used on people by police to disperse them at the fasting site

Along with her five other fasting protesters have also been arrested, remaining 6 continue their fast. Nearly 2000 police force was mobilised who came down heavily on the peaceful ongoing meeting. They used force to break the pandals and when women tries resisting the arrest of Medha ji they were beaten and manhandled by male policemen. Several have suffered injury. They broke the stage, the pandal, chairs and rope fencing etc. It is shameful that in 12 days they never felt it good enough to dialogue with the people but used force to finally arrest her.

URGENT medical alert. Medha Patkar and 3 others condition who are on 8th day of indefinite fast is critical. Please call NOW / send message NOW to CM Madhya Pradesh asking them to wake up and talk to her/others on fast on their demands for just rehabilitation. And that, people are watching. Tel Nos:Here are the numbers 0755-2442231, 2442241, 2540500 twitter @ChouhanShivraj