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Mumbai, World Habitat Day Rally for DRP with the people of Dharavi

About 200 people, Social Activists, Community Leaders and Representatives of Grass-root  NGOs participated in the  World Habitat Day Rally  organized on 31st  October, 2014 in Dharavi, Mumbai, India.

The organizations who participated in the said rally were: Dharavi Nagarik Samithi, People’s Responsible Organisation of United Dharavi (PROUD), SNEHA and All India Plastic Recycler’s Association (AIPRA).

More than 80% of people in Dharavi currently live in the houses which are less than 100 Sq. Ft.  or  less.  People of Dharavi have struggled untiringly for years  to have decent  shelter and have shed their blood and  sweat to transform Dharavi slum(once  a dumping ground) to a better place to live.

 It has always been the ever-ending dreams and aspirations of the people to have  decent houses with attached  water taps and toilets, but years after years elections come and go, governments come and go and  even several promises were made by the politicians during elections were never been fulfilled. 

Following are some of our demands:

  1. Implementation of  DRP  with the  consent or approval by the people of Dharavi.
  2. Eligible residents of Dharavi whether they are on Pipelines, Railway lines, Under Tata Power lines, & Bridges  but should be rehabilitated within Dharavi.
  3. Just building flats are not enough,  Govt. should ensure Livelihood of the people and  the existing home-based, self employment and small scale industrial units in Dharavi must be protected.
  4. Existing structures and the present occupant must be considered as the eligible person.
  5. While our Govt. proposes Public-Private Partnership,  we demand Public-Private-Community Partnership in  Dharavi Redevelopment Project(DRP).
  6. Hawker’s Zone must be created  for thousands of hawkers  in Dharavi.
  7. Considering the low bank interest, developer must be asked to deposit at-least Rs. 1Lakh per family instead of just Rs.20,000/- the interest of which will go towards  society maintenance.
  8. Finally, Govt. should come-up with proper policy to provide affordable houses to all those who are in  rented houses.

A memorandum was submitted to the newly elected Chief  Minister, Housing Minister of Maharashtra and Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) on November 3rd  2014.


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