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Zero Evictions for Palestinians, NOW

Appeal to International Solidarity Action

We, inhabitants’ associations, international networks, voluntary groups, NGOs, public agencies, citizens of the world, express our indignation at and denounce Israel’s continual policies of eviction and demolition carried out against the Palestinian people, both Palestinians ’48 (citizens of Israel) and Palestinians ’67 (in the Occupied Palestinian Territories). These demolitions and evictions clearly violate international law.

Therefore, we condemn these violations and appeal to:

The Government of Israel:

  • To immediately cease the demolition the homes of Palestinian citizens of Israel and, as an Occupying Power, the homes of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories;
  • To integrate zoning and planning practices that suit the cultural and economic needs of all its citizens into national plans;
  • To comply, as the Occupying Power, with the Fourth Geneva Convention and end the collective punishment employed through punitive demolitions;
  • To end the occupation and withdraw from occupied Palestine instead of defending the status quo by using military actions that destroy thousands of homes, wreck havoc on the local urban infrastructure and greatly conscribe the future potential of Palestine;
  • To end the evictions and settler takeovers of houses and land in East Jerusalem, Hebron and throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory;
  • To end the confiscation of land from Palestinian citizens of Israel;
  • To provide immediate reparation, including restitution of property, return of displaced persons, compensation, adequate alternative accommodation, rehabilitation, apology and guarantees for non-repetition to all the inhabitants, including tenants, affected by the demolitions who have lost their accommodation and/or personal belongings in the process, and who have become homeless and/or jobless as a result thereof.
  • To provide a forum where the Governments of Israel and occupied Palestine, all the interested parties, including the recognized representatives of inhabitants’ associations, international networks, NGOs and public agencies, can agree with the interested communities on alternatives to the evictions, demolitions and land takeovers, and on the repatriation of people already evicted.

The United Nations, Russia, the European Union and the United States (The Quartet) and all the governments of the world:

  • To publicly condemn the policies of eviction and demolition and settler takeover in démarches to the Israeli government and resolutions in the United Nations;
  • To restrict the export to Israel of equipment used in demolitions until the Israeli government and military adequately implement policies respecting the housing rights of Palestinians, both citizens of Israel and those living under military occupation;
  • To cease the upgrading of trade relations and restrict foreign aid until Israel’s policies towards Palestinians are brought into compliance with the Fourth Geneva Convention and the various universal declarations governing the responsibilities of Occupying Powers and the rights of indigenous peoples, minorities and all people;
  • To use their influence to end the policies of demolition, eviction and land takeovers.

The United Nations (UN-Habitat):

  • To ensure respect for international norms protecting the right to housing by sending an urgent independent mission of the Advisory Group on Forced Evictions (AGFE) to monitor and identify and to promote alternatives to the demolitions and evictions.

First signatories of the Zero Evictions for Palestinians Campaign:

International Alliance of Inhabitants , IAI

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions , Israel

Badil - Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights: Campaign Unit

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign , Ireland

New Profile- פרופיל חדש , Israel

American Jews for a Just Peace , US

National Boricua Human Rights Network ,USA

Trade Union Friends of Palestine , Ireland

Yves Cabannes, Advisory Group on Forced Evictions, DPU, University College London, United Kingdom

Vincenzo Simoni, national president Unione Inquilini , Italy

Abu Rayhan Al-Beeroonee, Shelter for the Poor, Bangladesh

Fernando Ojeda, Red de Habitat Argentina

C. W.Enwefah, National Union of Tenants of Nigeria

Cristina Reynals, FEDEVI, Argentina

Alessio Surian, coordinator Urban Popular University -IAI, Italy

Marilina Marichal, CAES, Paraguay

UCISV-VER, Vera Cruz, Mexico

Bartiria Lima da Costa, CONAM , Brazil

Union Popular Valle Gomez, Mexico

MUP-CND, Mexico

Consejo Defensa de Vivienda , Mexico

Claudio Patrizi, AmbienteWeb, Italy

Cristina Lescano, Cooperativa El Ceibo R.S.U., Argentina

Remigio González Serantes, Asociación de Vecinos "El Olimpo", Spain

Simone Minichiello, Amnesty International , Italy

Kusa Bunkete Marie Julia, Fondation Orphelinat au Congo FOC, Congo

Sandra Cangemi, Comitato Inquilini Molise Calvairate Ponti , Italia

Yiannis Schizas, OIKOLOGEIN magazine, Greece

Josefina Mena-Abraham, Grupo de Tecnología Alternativa SC, Mexico

Gabriela Allidi, Plataforma por una Vivienda Digna , Spain

Carlos Ortiz Arias, Gestion social del habitat, Mexico

Nicanor Janampa, FOVELIC, Peru

Oscar Revilla Alguacil, CGT , Spain

Signatories (1025)

  • Irene Sabate, - Spain
  • WEIS hourya, EuroPalestine - France
  • Calado Manuela, - Switzerland
  • Line Khateeb, The Palestinean Committe of Norway - Norway
  • José Ignacio Távara Castillo, INICIATIVA. Asociación para el Desarrollo Humano - Peru
  • SILVIA MARTINEZ, - Argentina
  • Gabriella Di Lauro, - Italy
  • Bernot Dominique, - France
  • Bret Thiele, Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) - Switzerland
  • SANNIA Jean, - France
  • ROSSIER Giorgio, - Switzerland
  • ROSSIER Giorgio, - Switzerland
  • Chahine Brigitte, - Germany
  • jonas perez ortiz, - Dominican Republic
  • Corderoy Joan Ann, - Switzerland
  • GREC François, - Switzerland
  • Lenoir Catherine, - Switzerland
  • Sabeth Gschaider, - Austria
  • Natasha Aruri, Peace and Freedom Youth Forum [PFF] - Palestinian Territory, Occupied
  • Miriam O Connor, - Belgium
  • jonas perez ortiz, - Dominican Republic
  • Giuliano Albertini, - Italy
  • Peter O' Sullivan, Social Centre - United Kingdom
  • tair tidhar, icahd - Australia
  • Theo Georgoulis, - Greece
  • Jhon Updike, Tenants Union - United Kingdom
  • Andrew Felluss, - United States
  • Eleanor White, Social Centre - United Kingdom
  • boulte thierry, les verts - France
  • Enzmann Marion, - Germany
  • paola tortorella, - Italy
  • Ana Isabel San Emeterio , - Spain
  • Jihen Freeman, - Tunisia
  • Faizah Ghadban-Kandar, - Canada
  • Raymond Sasso, - United States
  • giovanna dante, - Italy
  • TLILI Nesrine, - Tunisia
  • Giovanna Moretti, kisedet ngo - Tanzania, United Republic of
  • Ershad Mazumder, Right To Shelter - Bangladesh
  • Gabriele Bortot, - Italy
  • brian mills mills, - Canada
  • Joseph Buddington, Tenants Union - United Kingdom
  • Paul O'Neal, Social centre - United Kingdom
  • francesco capocasale, - Italy
  • Massimiliano Collavo, spaziorizoma - Italy
  • Linda Flomembaum, - Argentina
  • Rubén Kotler, De Igual A Igual - Argentina
  • David Comedi, En Nuestro Nombre No Tucumán - Argentina
  • Steinert Irène, - Netherlands