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Israel accused of ethnic cleansing by Nobel peace laureate Mairead

Mairead Maguire

The Nobel prize Mairead Maguire ( AP)

NOUVELOBS.COM: 21.04.2009

The north-Irish and Nobel prize of the peace 1976 Mairead Maguire violently took itself to the municipality of East of Jerusalem, which gets ready to proceed to the most important eviction of Arabs since 1967.

The Israeli authorities were accused, on Tuesday, April 20th, of practising a politics of "Ethnic purification " In East of Jerusalem. The Nobel prize of the peace 1976 Mairead Maguire  Violently took itself to the municipality, which foresees the demolition of dozens Arabic houses.
" I think that the Israeli government leads a politics of ethnic purification against the Palestinians here even in East of Jerusalem ", declared the pacifist and feminist north-Irish activist.

Stop etnic cleansing Sheikh Jarrah

Stop etnic cleansing Sheikh Jarrah (Jeff Pickert, 2009)

Against human rights

"I think that the politics of the Israeli government go against the international laws, against the human rights and against the dignity of the Palestinian people ", she added. She expressed himself during a press conference of the committee of defence of the inhabitants ofAl-Boustan A lot situated in the district of Silwan of East of Jerusalem, aimed by an order of demolition of 88 houses emitted by the Israeli municipality of the city.

The most important Eviction since 1967

The Palestinians consider that, by this rubble, the Hebrew State hopes to hunt them of East of Jerusalem, that they consider as the capital of their future State. These destructions are led to the motive that houses were built or enlarged without Israeli licence. Result, according to the committee of defence, it is about 1.500 persons who risk to meet themselves without roof. What represents The eviction  The most important since the oriental sector of the holy city was occupied by Israel in 1967.

The " town of David "

The inhabitants of this lot admit that they built or enlarged houses without licence, but, they justify themselves by explaining that it is practically impossible to them to obtain from it.
Silwan, where live more than 10.000 Palestinians, is the site presumed the classic art " quoted from David ". Sixty Jewish families live there at present.
According to the Israeli organization B' Tselem for the defence of human rights, since 2004, the Israeli authorities demolished more of 400 houses  In East of Jerusalem.