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6th Session 2017

This September in Venice! Global capital of resistance to tourism evictions

It’s time to speak up: people around the world denounce your tourism-related eviction! This call for solidarity was announced at the press conference to launch the sixth Session of the International Tribunal on Evictions (ITE), which will take place in Venice at the opening of the World Zero Evictions Days in the framework of the International Year of Tourism.

International Tribunal on Tourism-Related Evictions

Soha Ben Slama at the East Asia Regional Tribunal Interview with Soha Ben Slama, International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI) By Christina Kamp Tourism may play a major role when people face dislocation from their homes. With an international tribunal to be held in Venice at the end of September, the International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI) will draw attention to processes of displacement and evictions caused by or closely linked to tourism development.