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W Nairobi W! Appeal for the right to live in Nairobi with dignity and justice

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Photo: Francesco Fantini

The new appeal demand the recognition of the slum-dwellers’ right to live in Nairobi with dignity and justice.

So far the government has offered no alternative and no compensation to these people, the poorest in the city, who just about get by with casual labour and small-time trading. By its actions, the government is flagrantly violating the legal impositions of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (articles 2, 7, 11, 12, 13 and
15) signed by Kenya on 3/1/76, as well as the Agenda Habitat and Agenda 21, which imposes the obligation to find alternative solutions when eviction is unavoidable.
The efforts and struggle of the slum-dwellers themselves, Churches, habitants' associations, international networks, the NGOs, together with the marches, appeals to the courts, prayers and over 6,000 email signatures which flooded the Kenyan and international authorities have managed to block the forced evictions and demolitions. Proof that in unity lies strength!
There remains, however, the deep injustice of the economic and social apartheid which condemns 55% of the population (approx. 2.5 million people) to living on just 5% of the urban territory.
That's why we're re-launching the W Nairobi W! campaign in Italy along with the Peace Caravans 2004: for a millennium without marginalized persons! .
We demand the recognition of the slum-dwellers’ RIGHT TO LIVE IN NAIROBI WITH DIGNITY AND JUSTICE:
We appeal to the Kenyan government and the Mayor of Nairobi :

  1. To block all demolitions and forced clearances;
  2. To observe the obligations contained in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;
  3. To develop new public housing and urban policies which respect the housing rights of all people (security of tenure, participatory town-planning and urban renewal, rehabilitation).

We appeal to the European Commission, Governments and the European Investment Bank :
To block any funding for Kenya to build infrastructure which does not respect the conditions listed above.
We appeal to Kenya’s “creditor” countries (Kenya’s foreign debt amounts to over 6.5 billion dollars) :
To convert the “debt” into housing and social policies for the 2.5 million slum-dwellers, with the aid and control of all parties concerned, in particular the inhabitants themselves and the civil associations and organizations, with well-defined mechanisms to safeguard their transparency.
We appeal to UN- Habitat
To set up a board with representatives from the Kenyan government and the rich countries, as well as recognized representations from the slum-dwellers, the NGOs, and international networks in order to put our demands into effect.

(All together!)


  1. Download and read the appeal!
  2. Download the appeal's postcard
  3. Download the information sheet on housing in Nairobi
  4. download the Nairobi datacard on evictions

They signed the petition 3320 people!


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