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Barcelona: A day of debate on the right to housing and the city in the current global crisis

A day of debate on the challenges facing us in relation to housing and city in the current economic crisis, with David Harvey, Jordi Borja, Josep Maria Muntaner, Anna Alabart, Ricard Gomà, Carme Trilla, Iñigo Maguregui.


A number of indicators suggest that we are at the start of a long and deep economic crisis that will have a particularly serious impact in Spain. We are witnessing the ‘death foretold’ of an unsustainable economic model based on real estate speculation and a free-for-all in the construction sector. As a result, the cost of rent or a mortgage, as well as the costs of meeting basic needs, are out of reach for ever growing numbers of people. In such a context, how should we manage access to housing resources? Is it possible to break with the neoliberal and privatising tendencies of recent decades and ensure the right of every woman and man to decent housing and a livable city?

10 de octubre



10 October - Pati Llimona Civic Centre, c/ Regomir 3

1st SESSION: Economic crisis and the right to the city: how to get rid of neoliberal regulation of urban space

10 – 11:30

Introduction: Gerardo Pisarello , Observatorio de Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales (DESC, The Observatory of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights)

Presentation: David Harvey , geographer and urbanist, Professor, City University of New York (CUNY)

12 - 13h
Round table with: Jordi Borja , geographer and urbanist, Professor of Urban Management at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC, Catalan Open University); Josep Maria Montaner , architect, Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF); Anna Alabart , Lecturer in Sociology, Universisty of Barcelona.

Discussant: Ada Colau, Asamblea por el Derecho a la Vivienda de Barcelona , VdeVivienda (Assembly for the Right to Housing in Barcelona, ‘H’ for Housing)

13 – 13:30 Discussion

2nd SESSION: Local institutional responses: defining what is possible

15:30 – 16:30

Round table with:
Guillaume Six, Alcaldía de Bobigny (Francia) (representing the municipal authorities of Bobigny, France)
Ricard Gomà, Teniente de Alcalde y responsable de Acción Social del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona (Deputy Mayor with responsibility for social policy in the Barcelona municipality)
Antoni Sorolla, Delegado de Vivienda del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona (Housing Delegate, Barcelona municipality)
Sandro Medici, Regidor del Distrito X, Roma (Italia) (City Councillor, District X, Rome, Italy)

Respondent: Eva Fernández, Federación de Asociaciones de Vecinos y Vecinas de Barcelona (Barcelona Residents’ Federation)

16:30 – 17 Discussion

3rd SESSION: Rights to housing and the city as enforceable rights. What are there alternatives to the free market?

17.15 - 18:15
Round table with:
Carme Trilla, Secretaria de Vivienda del gobierno de Catalunya (Housing Minister, Catalan Government)
Iñigo Maguregui, Director de Suelo y Urbanismo del Gobierno de Euskadi (Director of Land and Housing, Basque Government)
Respondent: Albert Sancho, Taller contra la Violencia Inmobiliaria y Urbanística (Working Group Against Housing and Urban Planning Violence)

18:15 – 19h Discussion

19 Conclusions: DAVID HARVEY

Registration free: info@descweb.org

David Harvey, Derecho a la Ciudad (The Right to the City) (article and video)

Gerardo Pisarello, Vivienda y Derecho a la protesta (Housing and the Right to Protest) (article)

Carta Mundial por el Derecho a la Ciudad (World Charter for the Right to the City)

Derecho a la Vivienda y Políticas Habitacionales: Informe de un desencuentro (cap.2) (The right to housing and housing policies: a report on failure, Chapter 2)

Revista La Veu del Carrer (publiación de la FAVB) (journal of the Barcelona Residents’ Association)

Josep Maria Montaner, Modelo Barcelona (The Barcelona Model) (article)

Ley por el Derecho a la Vivienda (Generalidad de Catalunya) (Catalan Government’s Law of the Right to Housing)

Observatorio DESC http://www.descweb.org/?q=es/node/108