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Home, work from home, school, charitable activist organisations-Food Not Bombs, Vegan Society, Anarchists

Home, work from home, school, charitable activist organisations-Food Not Bombs, Vegan Society, Anarchists
Property conflicts (land) , Urban development policies , Liberalisation of the housing market , Ethnic or religious conflicts , Class, racial or gender-based discrimination
Географическое положение:
South Africa
Населённый пункт/район:
Название региона, подвергающегося выселению:
Activistcommunity, anarchist teaching community, Food Not Bombs, Johannesburg Free Market
Приблизительное число пострадавших людей:
Характеристики пострадавших семей (если нет в списке, «создать новую»):
Tenants , Squatters
Employed , Informal sector work , Casual worker , Unemployed/unsalaried , Various
None of the above
Minors , Adults
Информация об истории и прецедентах конфликта:
Commune run on anrchist communal ethics for about 8 years, lots of activities, organisations etc...no formal contract to anyone, land-lord just collected rent.,..mnaintenanve etc done by commune dwellers, unti this year, the one commune member, anarchist teacher, left, in charge of myself and my partner, mike...two individuals who then were allowed to move in,refused our way of life, one didnt even pay rent, stole and threw out our work and other personal stuff,conspired with landlord to come and look inside our commune, not to his liking, ...the two people, myself and mike, their the longest rent-payers, who maintained and added and improved the hpouse, garden, community, and worked from home, me teaching, gardening, him playing music and operated various charity orgs like Food not Bombs and Free markets and Street kid collections etc, animal rights work, environmental work etc...suddenly given notice 9not written) with no explanation or regard, and our belongings, including animals (cats) asked to vacate the commune in a month, then in 24 hours, after I suffered an epilectic attack (some stuff got broken)- I am also on tretament for a brain tumnour (chronic meds get delivered to what used to be my safe-house and rest and work from home)No regard, no explanation...and the three forein housemates, we allowed and gave a roof to stay...not asked to move. My partner and I, our cats, work, organisation and activist and charity work all have to come to a standstill...while we now search for a place we can afford and work from, and take our friends and animals and work and activities too...this is a sad dasy for inhabitant, squatters and human rights, for me a long time environmental, animal, children, womon rights activist, teacher, writer, child-minder, animal rescuer, and also one suffering from a brain tumour...any help, legal or other appreciated...or just for the word to spread how our rights been exploited and us victimised.
Уровень причины и ответственности:
Local , National , International
Нарушение норм международного права:
Universal Declaration of Human Rights , International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (art. 11) , International Convention Against Torture (Art. 16) , International Convention on the Rights of the Child (art. 27) , Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women , International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families , International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (art. 5)
Официальные и неофициальные причины и аргументы выселения:
Non...but according to others...we were the cause of trouble!
Основные, уже случившиеся события, связанные с выселением (дата и время):
Initial notice - 11/05/2013 - 16h00
24hr notice given - 15/05/2013 - 09h30
Final removal of personal items and furniture - 19/05/2013
Название уполномоченных органов, которые работают над прекращением выселения:
Landlord - Jacques Theron
Название задействованных организаций, в чём заключается их сила и слабость, их подход к проблеме:
Food not Bombs; Animal rights africa, JHB Freemarket, Crimethinc Far South, Vegan Society, Anarchist teachers SA; My place womens collective, Nelson Mandela's Childrens fund (forest town school for autistic and cerebral palsied children), ALF - Opposed to eviction
Название агентств, общественных организаций и базовых учреждений, работающих в регионе:
Green Beings, various Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Catholic Charity organisations, JHB Activist community, Vegan Society, Eastwave Community Radio, SA council for drug testing (The Reddy family and other community fundraisers), various educational institutions.
Меры, принятые или предложенные на данный момент регионом и/или агентствами и общественными организациями, помогающими в борьбе против выселений и/или поиске альтернативных решений:
Lawyer's consultation, SA Human Rights commission, direct negotiations with landlord and other tenants.
Альтернативы или возможные решения проблемы, предложенные местными или национальными властями пострадавшим регионам:
Предусмотренные и рассматриваемые стратегии и меры против выселений:
Whistle blowing, community action, media reporting, awareness campaigns.
Название, Адрес и ответственность лица, предоставляющего информацию (Лицо и организация, предоставившие информацию в управление Кампании Против Выселений):
Direct from affected parties
Food not bombs, Vegan Soc, ARA, Squatters rights int. etc
Связь AIH с региональными информационными организациями, занимающимися данной проблемой:
Participates in Zero Evictions Campaign
Дата заявления:
Lara Reddy

Any assistance from fellow members of the activist community, NGOs, IAI would be appreciated.
Spread the word of another illegal eviction affecting multiple parties engaged in charitable work, and a call to action for all who strive to uphold the basic human rights of all. Share with anyone who has dislocated in a similair way.