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Netiquette new IAI mailing lists

1. iai.coord@habitants.org  (meeting point, discussion and information of the IAI Coordinating Committee) and iai.memb@habitants.org  (meeting point, discussion and information of the IAI members) are two mailing lists that are used by members from all over the world who signed up for the ML to inform, debate, struggle and work.

2. The two ML are not moderated, meaning that anyone who is on the list can send messages and these will arrive to all the other registered members. The messages are sent instantly – there are no preventive checks. Since nobody has the time to read useless, frivolous or personal messages, i.e. messages that are not of general concern, before sending an e-mail to the whole ML you should consider whether its argument is relevant and of general concern or whether you should sent it to a particular group or person instead.

3. The messages of internal concern are to be sent only and exclusively to the addressees belonging to the respective levels (IAI CC or IAI members) and it is not allowed to diffuse them through CC, BCC or in any other way.

4. Your message should be concise, clear and to the point. It is important to bear consideration for the fact that both of the lists are multilingual!

5. Off Topics, that is to say messages not pertinent to the arguments discussed by the list, are not allowed. You should use your private e-mail for that.

6. The content of your message must be pertinent to the discussion of the topic.

Mention the topic of your message in the title of your email. Here you should clearly summarize the topic that you are dealing with, without being generic, or even worse, without mentioning anything. Those who reply after reading the summaries (digest) must indicate the topic of the original message.

7. Please try to answer e-mails maintaining always the same “Topic” so as to be able to preserve an ordered historical structure of the messages that were sent and received, linked one after the other.

8. When answering a message, you should highlight the relevant parts of the original message in order to facilitate comprehension for those who have not read it before, but do not systematically repeat the entire original message.

9. New topics are to be sent as a new message and not as a reply. In this way, the applications that arrange messages according to subject (thread) are set out in order.

10. If someone wishes to thank or disagree with someone else, please do this in private. Nobody should reply to impolite or flame e-mails. This risks activating a chain of insults and/or messages that are not at all related to the purpose of the mailing list.

11. Do not use capital letters in the title or in your messages; in the network that stands for “yelling”.

12. The size of the message must not be too big: normally it should not be larger than 50-100 kb (instead of sending large messages such as images, documents, etc., in your message you may insert links that redirect to such contents, for example through FTP or HTTP.)

13. In general, we suggest you verify all the  recipients before replying to a message. Sometimes a person that asks for help or explanations then sends a second message saying “does not matter”. Furthermore, please check that each message you reply to was actually sent to you. You could be an addressee ‘by acquaintance’ (CC) rather than the main one.

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