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Brazil: The National Forum for Urban Reform denounces the belligerent actions unjustly defending property rights in Pinheirinho

A cowardly and inhuman act, one of the worst examples of VIOLATIONS TO THE RIGHTS OF PINHEIRINHO INHABITANTS (THE RIGHT TO THE CITY, THE RIGHT TO HOUSING, THE RIGHT TO TENURE REGULARIZATION) – at the hands of the Mayor, the State Governor, and the São Paulo State Judiciary.

These are rights guaranteed to all Brazilian citizens: the Right to Housing, the Right to the City, the Right to Tenure Regularization – all are given wide support in the Federal Constitution, the City Statute, and federal legislation. The law on procurement and tendering allows expropiation in the public interest. The regulations of the ‘My Home My Life’ programme contain a specific chapter on tenure regularization in the social interest. All of these provide a range of legal tools to protect these rights, to create a housing policy for Brazil’s population.
But what we are seeing now is just the opposite. The municipality of São José dos Campos and the São Paulo State Government are turning a blind eye to the law, neglecting their public responsibilities, and using the judiciary to support a decision that reeks of injustice, supporting the return of private property to the landowners of Pinheirinho, enforced by the military police in violent actions against the inhabitants early on Sunday morning. About 1,600 families, and more than 6,000 people, have been evicted from their houses and taken off to makeshift camps where they are denied the help others could offer them: church organisations or friends and relatives who could offer them a home.

Not to mention – talking of (in)justice – the small matter of the property in question being part of the estate of the notorious and criminal speculator Naji Nahas.

- IMMEDIATE INTERVENTION BY THE JUSTICE MINISTRY to stop the MILITARY POLICE SIEGE enforced on the Pinheirinho families and to guarantee their constitutional rights to go back to live in their own homes

- The federal and state judiciaries should immediately suspend the eviction order against the families, granting a provisional right to remain in the area to the 1,700 families

- The National Housing Secretariat of the City Ministry should take all necessary steps to carry out an effective EXPROPRIATION OF THE AREA IN THE INTEREST OF TENURE REGULARIZATION

- All agencies involved in these violations of people’s rights should be held to account for their actions. The Mayor of São José dos Campos, Eduardo Cury, and the Governor of the State of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, should be held responsible for their total failure to implement proper housing and tenure regularization policies in the area. And above all, civil court judge Márcia Faria Mathey Loureiro has committed an outrageous injustice and perpetrated an act of violence along with the head of the Military Police, preventing any involvement of the federal government. And, of course, those in charge of the police operation itself.

We are all Pinheirinhos!
Brazil, January 2012
Coordenação do FNRU: CMP - Central de Movimentos Populares, CONAM – Confederação Nacional de Associações de Moradores, UNMP - União Nacional por Moradia Popular, MNLM - Movimento Nacional de Luta pela Moradia, FASE - Federação dos Órgãos para Assistência Social e Educacional, FENAE - Federação Nacional das Associações de Empregados da Caixa Econômica, FISENGE – Federação Interestadual dos Sindicatos de Engenheiros, FNA - Federação Nacional de Arquitetos, Instituto Polis – Instituto de Estudos, Formação e Assessoria em Políticas Sociais, IBAM – Instituto Brasileiro de Administração Municipal, IBASE – Instituto Brasileiro de Análises Sociais e Econômicas, ANTP/MDT – Associação Nacional de Transportes Públicos/ Movimento Nacional pelo o Direito ao Transporte, AGB – Associação dos Geógrafos Brasileiros, FENEA – Federação Nacional dos Estudantes de Arquitetura e Urbanismo do Brasil, Terra de Direitos, CENDHEC – Centro Dom Helder Câmara CAAP – Centro de Assessoria à Autogestão Popular, ABEA – Associação Brasileira de Ensino de Arquitetura e Urbanismo, Fundação Bento Rubião - Centro de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos, Observatório das Metrópoles IPPUR/UFRJ/FASE, ActionAid do Brasil; CFESS - Conselho Federal de Serviço Social; Habitat para Humanidade Brasil, Fórum Nordeste de Reforma Urbana; GT Urbano do FAOR – Fórum da Amazônia Oriental; FAOC - Fórum da Amazônia Ocidental e Fórum Sul de Reforma Urbana.

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