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Speech delivered by Catherine Peyge during the first municipal council meeting of the new term on March 14th 2008

The Municipal Council of Bobigny has been appointed. The mayor and the deputy mayors have been elected. We are going to continue our work. We have our road map in hand, as they say: 136 objectives! But not 136 articles!

136 objectives that revolve around important topics that I will take the liberty to remind you of:

  • To attain a visible and lasting alliance between all individuals and the city.
  • To put Bobigny, the city, its talents, its framework and its ideas in the service of all Balbyniens in order to foster success.
  • To reaffirm Bobigny as a convivial and joyous city, where equality is cultivated, where people live, have fun and choose together.

The organization of the local authorities and the municipal council, as you have noted, has been thoroughly revised:

  • In order to respond to the challenges that our 136 objectives present
  • And so that each elected official can not only work individually, but also, more importantly, as a team.

The role of the elected official can seem complex, but it is enough that each official remember the first day of their commitment: Why had I joined a political party? Why have I entered into such and such an association?

The response of each is often the same: because things need to be changed, because life is short, because life is beautiful, because it is difficult, even impossible, to be happy when confronted by the misfortunes of the world and of its people. Because they understand that collective action, the “altogether” can overcome.

It is to remember beautiful things and to act so that they last or exist. To be elected is to have the possibility to translate all of that into something concrete. To be elected is to be humane.

It is not easy because these beautiful and noble causes are pushed aside by the harshness of life. It is not easy, in our society, where humans are viewed only in relation to their weight in Euros or Dollars.

We are at the same time an island of resistance and a territory of opennes and unification. Quoting the words of Bernard Birsinger, spoken at the time of our first meeting: the only condition necessary to work for our city, in any conceivable manner, for its development, is to have Bobigny at heart.

My first act as mayor during this term will be to immediately sign a mayoral decree before you forbidding evictions throughout the entire area of the city.

Thanks to Benjamin Dumas, the meeting officer, for allowing for the success of this decree.

This public signature signifies a commitment for all of us. Bobigny, firmly anchored to the left, has chosen a side. Nevertheless, each Balbynien counts as an individual. Each elected official of our municipal council is a legitimate elected official.

I invite you, dear colleagues, to work together for Bobigny because it is worth it! I am convinced that it is possible! Thank you everyone for honoring me with the opportunity to be in your service. I invite you to raise our glasses to rights and to the equality of rights! I invite you to raise your glasses to our city and all its inhabitants, voters or not! To all Balbyniens!

Thank you for your time!