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Taiwan, Kaohsiung Protests as forced evictions loom

Activists demand the suspension of three development projects during an anti-forced eviction demonstration outside the Democratic Progressive Party's Kaohsiung headquarters on Wednesday, Aug. 10. Taiwan Alliance of Anti-Forced Eviction representative Tien Chi-feng expressed hopes of seeing President Tsai and Chen immediately suspend eviction and removal of affected houses in Qishan's Dagouding, a local fruit and vegetable marketplace, and Ljavek village.

Подпишите сейчас Нет выселениям жителей района Пом Махакан!

Надпись на плакате, возведенном городскими властями Бангкока, гласила: «Спасибо за возвращенный Пом Махакан, исторический памятник для всех людей». Но власти планируют начать выселение около 300 человек уже 3 сентября.Пожалуйста, подпишите  на сайт е  прямо сейчас, кликнув здесь ,чтобы поддержать жителей   района  Пом Махакан   в   момент , когда   они   оказывают   сопротивление   этой   страшной   перспективе   будущего .

Призыв к солидарности из Бангкока: Нет выселениям жителей района Пом Макхакан, образцового сообщества, которому угрожают выселениями после 25 лет борьбы!

Спустя четверть века маленький (меньше 300 жителей) район Пом Махакан, который гнездится у древней городской стены Бангкока в Таиланде, сталкивается с реальной опасностью того, что в начале августа 2016 года власти города, в нарушение Статьи 11 МПЭСКП (ICESCR), подписанной страной, выселят жителей района и начнут снос их домов во имя так называемого «благоустройства».Этот документ является международным призывом: проявите солидарность и подпишите прямо сейчас призыв «Нет Выселениям жителей района»!

The East Asia Regional Tribunal on Evictions Highlights the Marginalised Facts of Evictions in the Habitat III Agenda

On July 2-4, 2016, the International Tribunal on Evictions, will be launching its first local/regional tribunal session, in Asia, which will take place in Taipei, Taiwan.  An essential step towards the 5th  ITE Session that will be held under the People's Social Forum in Resistance to Habitat III (Quito, 17 to 20 october 2016). Following the steps of the previous four International sessions since 2011, carried out under the World Zero Evictions Days.

Asia: Do not keep silent, communicate your case of eviction, deadline extended to May 20th 2016

CandyBird, Hua-Kuang Community, Taipei City #‎callevictionsasia2016  In order to tackle on the prevailing threats to our common habitats. International Solidarity is calling for cases of evictions from Northeast and Southeast Asian regions until May 15th, 2016. The cases will be judged by the East Asian Tribunal on Evictions (Taipei, 1-4 July 2016), the first regional cooperative step towards the 5th International Tribunal on Evictions, which will be carried out in the framework of the People's Social Forum alternative to the UN Conference Habitat III (Quito, October 2016).

International Festival for Peoples Rights and Struggles set on 17 November in Manila

A day ahead of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministerial meetings in Manila, rights groups and NGOs will hold a peoples rights festival as a counterpoint event to the trade talks.

Floods and forced evictions in Jakarta

A bulldozer demolishing buildings, 20 August 2015. Photo: Azas Tigor Nainggolan. People, politics and planning collide in riverside slum Kampung Pulo. In the middle of the night, my phone beeps.It’s a text message from Muiz, a 28-year-old inhabitant from the Jakarta riverbank settlement where I have conducted anthropological research for over five years now.‘It has begun’, writes Muiz, and I instantly realise that he is talking about the evictions of Kampung Pulo.Only two hours later, my phone beeps again.

Philippines, Urban Poor 10K Walk, An Appeal for Floodway Proclamation

2000 urban poor joined today a 10 kilometer walk, to appeal to President Benigno Aquino III for a proclamation for land tenure security and socialized housing in the Floodway that will benefit 20,000 residents.

Quezon City: North Triangle residents lose homes to demolition, decry 'overkill'

Jan. 27, 2014 - Squatters clash with police during the demolition of shanties at Sitio San Roque in Quezon, Philippines, east of Manila. At least four residents were arrested and dozens were injured, according to reports (Dennis M. Sabangan / European Pressphoto Agency) MANILA — Homes of residents of an urban poor community in North Triangle were demolished on Jan. 27 2014, to supposedly give way to the 11.3-meter road widening project along Agham Road in Quezon City. The residents believe that the demolition is meant to give way for the Quezon City Central Business District , a 256-hectare project, a concrete exemple of public-private-partnership supported by businessmen, local authorities and ONU-Habitat.

Mumbai, Equal Housing Opportunities in Dharavi Redevelopment Project

Public Meeting on World Habitat Day / World Zero Eviction Days  on the issue of Equal Housing Opportunities in Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP):  26th  October 2013.PROUD in collaboration with  SRS and PUKAR organized a public meeting on World Habitat Day(WHD ) / World Zero Eviction Day(WZED ) on 26th  October 2013, 4pm at St. Anthony High School, Dharavi, Mumbai. About 200 people comprising community activists / housing society members / community leaders from different parts of Dharavi participated and among them women were in large  numbers.