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Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative: Final Report

ICSSI Conference - Velletri, Italy 25 – 30 march 2009

The conference saw the participation of 38 Iraqi representatives (from associations, women groups, youth groups, ngo's, labour unions, media, networks) and some 20 representatives from international ngo's and social movements.

The first three days were devoted to the Iraqi internal conference. Working groups focused on social issues, political issues, law implementation, legislation and capacity building. A report outlining the main challenges, existing practice and potential new activities was produced and made available (as a paper document and through the common ning platform) to the participants to the March 28-30 international seminar.

The latter was clustered around five thems:

  • NGOs and freedom of expression
  • Women
  • Privatisation
  • Peace Building
  • Human Rights (including housing rights).

Working groups identified challenges and opportunities for joint activities. Through plenary reports and the work of a drafting working group a final Action Plan was produced on March 30 and presented to the press in Rome on March 31st.

Cesare Ottolini participated on behalf of the International Alliance of Inhabitants in the 2-year preparatory process.

Alessio Surian took part in the event and had the opportunity to present the Zero Eviction campaign and to establish links with labour unions and social movements, especially those focusing on women issues.


Final Report in English:

Final Report in Arabic language: