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"The people united will never be defeated!” was heard in several languages as the approval of the Declaration of the World Assembly of Inhabitants was welcomed, cementing the convergence of struggles of the inhabitants of towns and rural areas for systemic changes, which are essential to overcome the global crisis. This is a call to sign!

Do not touch my land, my water, my house, my activists!
For rural and urban harmony, respect diversity and cultures

The capitalist logic in which cities grow in a predatory way onto the countryside, promotes speculation, mega-projects and land, water and natural resource grabbing, destroying ecosystems which link the two environments. The prevailing discourse views urbanisation as inevitable and the agribusiness industry as the only one which is able to eradicate hunger and poverty.

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We brotherly invite all organizations, networks and movements of inhabitants to coordinate their forces at a local, regional, national, continental and global level and to aim ahead on the basis of what has been agreed, beginning from the  debates that took place at each event connected to WAI in Tunis and to the Declaration.