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News from Tunis

Tunis-Istambul: Pelo reconhecimento internacional do Direito à Cidade

O Fórum Nacional de Reforma Urbana esteve presente, em março deste ano, na Tunísia participando de diversos eventos que marcaram uma importante consolidação da agenda do direito à cidade no âmbito internacional.En março de 2013, ocorreu o Fórum Social Mundial (26 a 30), o IV Fórum da Terra (26 a 29), e a Assembleia Mundial dos Habitantes - organizada pela Aliança Internacional dos Habitantes, Rede Novox e Habitat International Coalition (HIC).

Tunis, the Berber rebel city with an aroma of jasmin, amber and roses

The WSF activities began with a mass march.Thousands of anti-capitalist demonstrators showed their solidarity with the revolutionary process that began in Tunis, with a grand march for "dignity" through the centre of the Tunisian capital on 26 March, marking the beginning of the World Social Forum (WSF).

Создается единая африканская сеть организаций жителей

Предварительные встречи, которые были проведены в 2011 и 2012 годах, показали готовность к формированию единой континентальной панафриканской  сетевой структуры организациями и движениями в защиту жилищных прав. Всемирный союз жителей предложил провести обсуждение этого вопросам в рамках ВАЖ в Тунисе в марте текущего года. Всех, кого эта тема интересует, мы приглашаем начать дебаты и направлять свои предложения уже сейчас.  

Second International Meeting: Building g-local defence for victims of the real estate markets

As part of the World Social Forum, on 27 March, with the aim of facilitating discussion about experiences of struggle, sharing analyses and strategies, strengthening international solidarity with local struggles and defining shared tools for awareness, alerts and solidarity, the II International Meeting on "Building g-local defence for victims of the real estate markets" took place as a thematic contribution to the World Assembly of Inhabitants.


Date: 29/03/2013 Time: 9am to 11.30am Venue: P12 Activity: Workshop: At the Universal Access Law and the commons about: Housing, Sanitation, Energy and Water.

Confront real estate speculation

Michelangelo Di Beo from the Italian Tenants' Union was in good company at the meeting with victims of property and financial speculation organized under the World Assembly of Inhabitants at the World Social Forum in Tunis by the International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI).Together with representatives of law initiatives in the housing field from Argentina, Germany and the USA, the Tenants' Union reported on the depressing results  of liberalising rents, selling housing and privatisations.

Leaving the market to house a billion people

(WAI, Tunis, 28 March 2013) Exhibitors Cesare Ottolini : Presentation of the workshop objectives Pascale Thys :  Presentation of the World Map of Urban Habitat and its relationship to the proposals Paul Maquet Makedonski : Presentation of the Latin American initiative to formulate organised and participative alternatives for peoples' housing. Jules Dumas : Cooperative experience in Cameroon Antonhy Prashant : Experience from India Cristina Almazán : Experience from Mexico

Tunis: The Truth is not always nice to see, the homeless are there

Conférence Doustourna, La vérité n'est pas toujours belle à voir, pourtant les SDF sont là (FSM Tunis, 27 mars 2013) The headline above, put together during the World Social Forum by a group of young activists from the Doustourna association network - part of the Medina cellule - can be seen as representative of the conference’s content, as a contribution to the World Assembly of Inhabitants. The WSF took place from 26 to 30 March 2013 in Tunis, capital of the “Jasmine” revolution, under the slogan of “Dignity-Karama".

The Popular Guide for Zero Evictions and the Defense of Territory

With the presence of more than 120 social leaders from Cameroon, Morocco, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Palestine, Tunisia, India, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, London, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Venezuela, Peru, United States, Chile, Colombia and Mexico the Zero Evictions Guide was presented in the context of the thematic WAI workshop organized by IAI on 28th  March 2013.

Les luttes pour le logement, les vidéos

Dans le cadre du Forum Social Mondial (FSM) de Tunis, le 29 mars 2013 a eu lieu un atelier "Les luttes du logement" co-organisé par le réseau No-Vox et Aitec.