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We brotherly invite all organizations, networks and movements of inhabitants to coordinate their forces at a local, regional, national, continental and global level and to aim ahead on the basis of what has been agreed, beginning from the  debates that took place at each event connected to WAI in Tunis and to the Declaration.

Всемирная Ассамблея жителей - (ВСФ Тунис, 24-28 март 2015)

Мы, участники Всемирной Ассамблеи жителей, собрались в Тунисе в период с 24 по 28 марта 2015 года, чтобы обсудить в рамках Всемирного социального форума самые важные вопросы, сгруппированные в семь тем, и продолжить процесс объединения, который мы начали еще на предыдущих форумах, в том числе Всемирной Ассамблеи жителей в 2013 году в Тунисе и Альтернативном народном социальном городском форуме в Медельине в 2014 году.  

Подпиши Декларацию!

The International Alliance of Inhabitants, Habitat International Coalition and No Vox International are calling all individuals, organisations, movements and collectives to participate in the activities organised during the World Social Forum and the World Assembly of Inhabitants, the space of convergence where the results of all our activities will be presented. To do that we are inviting to setting up united Committees for mobilisation on a local and national scale and to register your activities before 10 January 2015 in support of the proposed axis for the WSF “Land, housing, inhabitants”.

On 18/03/15, a terrorist attack was committed at the Bardo Museu, adjacent to the Parliament building

Above all, the International Inhabitants Alliance wish to show total solidarity with the victims of this cowardly terrorist attack, with the individuals, families and all the people of Tunisia, hit so hard while they are going through the process of liberation from religious fanaticism.

For these reasons, with even more determination, we call to participate in the World Social Forum, in which we confirm the holding of the World Assembly of Inhabitants , as a sign of concrete solidarity of all organized inhabitants with residents and social and democratic movements in Tunisia and throughout the region who are fighting for another possible world.

What you call the “Arab Spring”, I call a collective sacrifice that a “lobby” has orchestrated to change “the balance” and protect their power.

Giving power to religious extremists is an agenda known to all. This has been chronologically and consistently repeated in a never ending “copy and paste”. I will begin with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Algeria, the war between Iraq and Kuwait, Iraq and any I am forgetting to mention, then the term “Arab Spring” which will start with Tunisia, then Egypt and Syria.

Международный Союз  Жителей,  всемирное сетевой объединение различных организаций жителей и городских социальных движений  на базе общей платформы «Городской  путь» ( Vía Urbana y Comunitaria), выражает свою солидарность и полную поддержку народу Венесуэлы - страны, которая была объявлена президентом США Б. Обамой  «новой чрезвычайной угрозой.