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SCHEDULE ACTIVITIES WORLD ASSEMBLY OF INHABITANTS (WSF, Université El Manar, Tunisia, 24 to 28 March 2015)



11h30-14h00  - (Faculté de Droit)   Salle: S. de lecture 3

Decent housing : law, dignity and environment (RMLD, AIH, Organisation Démocratique des Droits de l’Homme)

11h30-14h00  - Salle: AMPHI AP2 AP2

Reclaiming Local Food Systems (HIC, RIPESS)

11h30-14h00  - Mini Amphi E

The social function of the land: customary law and collective right to use the land. Conflicts and alternatives to carried by movement struggles (No Vox y partenaires)

15h00-17h30  - Salle: Mini Amphi M

Civil society´s expectations and needs from the Habitat III process (HIC, HLRN, Polis)

15h00-17h30  - Salle: Mini Amphi E

How to gain status and rights for workers of the informal and domestic sector -To recognize the social function of labor in these sectors (No Vox)


8h30-11h00  - (Faculté de Droit)  Salle: S. de Lecture 1

Meeting of Residents and Inhabitants Associations of Africa (AIH, AMANDLA Center - Zimbawe, RNHC - Cameroun, UACDDDD/NO Vox - Mali, PFDESC)

8h30-11h00  - Salle: S. de Lecture

Right to the City Platform (Right to the City Platform, Association Planning, UrbaMonde)

8h30-11h00  - TD 4

Middle East/North Africa Land Forum (HLRN)

11h30-14h00  - (Faculté de Droit)   Salle: S. de Lecture 1

IV International Meeting of resistance struggles against the Real Estate Markets (AIH, MODEVIFA - Argentina, Plataforma Afectados para la Hipoteca - Espana, Take Back the Land -USA, Unione Inquilini - Italia, UACDDDD/No Vox - Mali)

11h30-14h00  - Salle: salle SP16

Against MIPIM, property speculation, financialisation and its consequences, when different european movements congregate to organise a European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City (No Vox)

15h00-17h30  - (Faculté de Droit)   Salle: Mini Amphi O

The International Tribunal on Evictions: a Guide (AIH, Habitat et Participation - Belgica)



(Faculté de Sciences) Salle: I 109

Incidencias sobre Políticas Públicas – Derecho al saneamiento, energía y agua, contra la privatización (CONAM - Brasil, AIH, FNSA, ASEMAE, FCOC, Movimento Anti Barragem, Asociación Internacional para el Derecho a la Energía)

Salle: Salle TD 8

How to implement the Right to the City in order to build democratic and sustainable cities (Polis, HIC, COIMBRA)


(Faculté de Droit)  Salle: Mini Amphi P

Leaving the market to house with dignity a billion people (AIH, Amandla Center - Zimbabwe, CMH Sao Paolo - Brasil, Vivere 2000 -Italia, RNHC- Cameroun)

Salle: Salle TD 7

People Under Occupation (HLRN)

14h30-16h00  - (Faculté de Droit)  Salle: Mini Amphi E

Defend our popular neighborhoods, fight against social cleansing in our cities and territories, for the right to housing for all people without discrimination: a global struggle (No-Vox – France)


16h00-19h00  - (Faculté de Droit)  Salle: Mini Amphi E

World Assembly of Inhabitants - (WSF assembly of convergence)




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