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Meeting of Residents and Inhabitants Associations of Africa

Thematic axis: Land, Housing, Inhabitants

World Assembly of Inhabitants

Background and rationale

The International Alliance of Inhabitants is an international solidarity network of associations and social movements of inhabitants, cooperatives, communities, tenants, homeowners, homeless, people in disadvantaged areas and neighbourhoods. The objective of the IAI is building another possible world starting with the realization of the Right to Housing and the City. The World Assembly of Inhabitants strengthens the convergence of struggles, essential to meet this challenge.

This objective by the IAI promotes the vision of the continent's inhabitant organizations that came together in Dakar 2011 and Tunis 2013, as part of the World Assembly of Inhabitants at the World Social Forum (WAI-WSF) to reflect on the challenges and issues of building a Pan-African network of Inhabitants’ organisations in order to have an impact on housing and land policies. In Tunis 2013, the first meeting dedicated to this goal was concluded with the adoption of a declaration and the establishment of a regional working group that produced a project charter and an action plan for the convergence for the right to housing and land for all.

The World Assembly of Inhabitants to be held in 2015 at the WSF will offer the opportunity to continue this process by submitting the project charter and action plan developed by the African working group. Participants in this session will benefit through the development of the agenda for their mobilization and their participation in the World Urban Forum and Social Habitat 3 (Quito, October 2016) as well as multiple meetings of African and international institutions responsible for the implementation and monitoring of housing and land policies, including Africities.

General Objective of the session:

Start activities for the Pan-African Network of Inhabitants’ Organisations [PANIO].

Specific objectives:

1. Present the challenges and struggles of residents organisations by people in participating countries, notably, forced evictions and social housing policies.

2. To review the implementation of the Tunis Declaration for a Pan-African Network or Inhabitants Organisations.

3. Submit for validation the draft charter Drafts and PANIO action plan developed by the African working group created in Tunis

4. To elect the steering team of the Network and officially launch the activities.

Expected Results

- The country profiles are created and entered into The World Map for Urban Habitat by these organizations and Habitat & Participation

- The Charter of PANIO is passed by at least 50 organisations representing inhabitants from at least 10 countries.

- The Action Plan of African Organisations inhabitants for the right to housing is adopted;

- A team is elected in charge of monitoring the implementation of this action plan.

Things to do (not to register in the WSF form)

1. Validation of these ToR

2. Mobilization of research participants and partners

3. Organization and facilitation of the session

4. Presentation of a final report


Residents Organisations of African countries, supported by their partners.

All organizations and networks of inhabitants involved in these struggles are invited to bring their own contribution to this meeting.Workshop Duration : 2 hours

Languages:  EN, FR, ES, AR

Head:  Jules Nguebou Dumas, Coordinator Francophone Africa IAI