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Campaign W Nairobi W

Upgrading Korogocho

We would like to give hereby some updating about the upgrading of Korogocho, this is a journey which show, according to us, that dynamics of marginalization, which are very common in our world, can be overcome and the dream can become reality as Fr. Daniel had written in one of his articles on the same upgrading programme of Korogocho.

Campaign against forced evictions in Nairobi

Photo Francesco Fantini This is a Joint Position Paper prepared by members of the Campaign Against Forced Evictions in the Informal Settlements in Nairobi on March 17th 2004. In the last few weeks, Nairobi informal settlements residents have experienced great threat to their short and long term stability, resultant from threats of demolition and eviction.

Appeal W Nairobi W

Photo: Francesco Fantini The new appeal demand the recognition of the slum-dwellers’ right to live in Nairobi with dignity and justice.

Statement for the W Nairobi W! Campaign

Photo: Francesco Fantini In March 2004, over 300.000 people were threatened by the Government of Kenya to be forcibly evicted from their makeshift dwellings: demolition of the hovels began immediately in a violent re-urbanization plan which offered no alternatives.A Kenya-Italy committee came together and in a short time, the Kenyan government, the Municipality of Nairobi, UN-Habitat and other authorities were swamped with over 6000 email protest messages.

A house in the rubbish

Photo: Francesco Fantini W Nairobi W on the website Kataweb Francesco Fantini's pictures document a reality in which poverty and the desire of a normal life coexist.

Open Letter about W Nairobi W Campaign

Photo: Francesco Fantini The W Nairobi W! campaign, active since March 2004 in Italy and the rest of Europe, as well as in Kenya, has successfully opposed the Kenyan government’s threat to forcibly evict 350,000 slum dwellers from their homes. in Nairobi.

W Nairobi W! Press Release

Photo: Francesco Fantini For the last two years the W Nairobi W! Campaign has been working to defend the right to land and housing in the shanty towns surrounding Nairobi.The campaign results from the co-ordination of missionaries, italian and international organisations and Christian networks in Kenya, alongside AfrikaSi, an organisation which works in the shanty towns surrounding the Kenyan capital.

W Nairobi W! Sunday Nation

Political Goodwill, a Vision and Justice keys to slum upgrading initiatives (By Oluoch Japheth and Father Daniel Moschetti

Press Release conversion of the debt Italy-Kenya possible

Photo: Francesco Fantini A step forward for the “WNairobiW!” Campaign and for the inhabitants of slums has been registered: for almost two years, Italian and Kenyan civil society have reported on the difficult situation existing in the slums in the capital of Kenya. Forced evictions are a permanent threat. Owning no land deprives the people of Kenya of the possibility of living with dignity.

Old appeal W Nairobi W!

Download datacard Evictions Nairobi Click here to sign the appeal Peace Caravans 2004: for a millennium without marginalized persons!