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International Tribunal on Evictions - Session on tourism - 28-30 September 2017

28-30 september 2017

Italy, Venice

Sala San Leonardo, Cannaregio 1584

The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development will be the subject of the 6th  Session of the International Tribunal on Evictions, at the opening  of the World Zero Evictions Days,to give the floor to  the inhabitants who are the victims of tourism-driven property speculation around the world:

India: Expropriation and evictions to make room for a third airport for the national capital, New Delhi
Sri Lanka: Land grabbing for tourism development, Panama Village
Argentina: Evictions and gentrification in the historic neighbourhood of La Boca, Buenos Aires
Kenya: Violent evictions of the Masai in the name of protecting wildlife to support elite tourism
Italy: Fake tourist rentals on the Island of Pellestrina, Venice

The accused on the bench will be those who evict people and turn them into tourism extras as they convert cities and landscapes into museums and parks.

The Tribunal Jury, made up of activists and experts from around the world, will analyse each case, draft a verdict and make recommendations.

A People’s Jury, composed of members of the social organisations that seek to defend the inhabitants of Venice, will contribute to the debate and to the decisions.



Program of the International Tribunal of Evictions

The Programme includes the 6th   Session of the Tribunal, meetings and exchange of experience in working-class neighbourhoods, cultural activities and debates.

Thursday 28/09/17

Site: Santa Marta ACTV vaporetto (water bus) stop - Dorsoduro

14.00 - 17.00 : "Venice that resists" visits Venetian places of civil resistance, areas saved from deterioration and abandonment, virtuous residence projects.

Centro Sociale Morion, Salizada S. Francesco della Vigna, Sestriere Castello, Venezia - Italy

18.00-22.00 : Videos on the struggle for housing in Venice. Pizza dinner and music at km 0.

Friday 29/09/17

Sala S. Leonardo,  San Leonardo, Cannaregio 1584,   Venezia - Italy

9.00-13.00 : Public Session

Lunch break

14.30-18.00 : Public Session

19:30 : Videos on housing struggles from around the world

21.00 : "Urban transformations in Venice through the maps of abandonment and trade". Laura Fregolent. Prof. Università IUAV Venezia. Alessandra Longo, Dalila Quartucci (Laboratorio di Analisi urbana e territoriale del Corso di laurea in Urbanistica e pianificazione del territorio)

Saturday 30/09/17

Sala S. Leonardo,  San Leonardo, Cannaregio 1584,   Venezia - Italy

9.00-12.00 : Open debate session with the People’s Jury

12.15 : Opening of the Monument / Installation / Murales Zero Evictions

12.30 : Public reading of preliminary Recommendations

Lunch break

14.30-18.00 : Debate between local authority officials, social organisation representatives and housing experts: ‘The resistance of the inhabitants in the center: transforming tourism with Alternative Social Compacts based on human rights, sustainability and responsibility towards future generations.’

Translation: English, Spanish, Italian (bring your smartphones!)

Organising bodies

The 2017 Session of the Tribunal is the follow-up to the People's Social Forum Resistance at Habitat III (Quito, Ecuador, 2016). It is being organised as part of the events marking the World Zero Evictions Days by the International Alliance of Inhabitants, together with social organisations from Venice engaged in the struggle for housing and against the depopulation of the city:

International Alliance of Inhabitants

Unione Inquilini

Assemblea Sociale per la Casa Mestre-Marghera-Venezia


Garanzia Civica

Generazione ‘90


No Grandi Navi

Gruppo 25 Aprile

With the participation of Tourism Watch


The Session will take place thanks to those who share their social capital, the voluntary participation of organisation representations and the cooperation of other volunteers, such as the interpreters.

It has the support of the Breadh for the World Protestant Development Service, MISEREOR German Catholic Development Agency and the municipality of Venice, Murano and Burano.

INFO: www.habitants.org  - ITE2017@habitants.org

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