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Tunisia: 13 Recommendations for making the Right to Adequat Housing a reality

As part of the World Zero Evictions Days, preparatory meetings were held in the regions, then, from 24th  to 27th  October 2013 the First Conference for the Right to Adequat Housing in Tunisia. Despite the difficulties involved, it was considered a success, since the participants were united in tackling head-on an extremely important subject that has nonetheless been neglected for decades by the present government and all those prior to the events of 14th  January 2011, and the two previous decades.

The meetings included: focus groups, three days of talks, a film to launch the thorny issue of the Right to Aqequat Housing, reports and surveys from inhabitants in precarious situations, testimoies from both international and Maghreb sources. There were many varied topics including: insecurity in neighbourhoods around cities and in rural areas, homeless people including women and children, property speculation and its impact on households and social housing projects, the problems that students without adequat accommodation are facing, household debt, the national debt, legal issues, and the sharing of experiences on the national and international level.

The first Conference allowed Tunisians from all over the country to meet, discuss and share experiences and express loud and clear their complaints without fear, stand tall and make decisions on the theme of constitutional dignity and the Right to Adequat Housing.

After this first Conference, 13 recommendations were produced (attached) in the form of a declaration which will be circulated throughout the country, along with the creation of  an inclusive, autonomous and open forum with the aim of making a political impact to make the Right to Adequat Housing a priority and a reality.

It is now a matter of implementing these decisions by mobilising all available forces from the regional meetings.

To do this, we invite our fellow citizens to sign the Declaration and invite all members of civil society to take part in this mobilisation.

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