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Geneva Habitat Forum 2012, a weapon for the right to housing

Geneva Habitat Forum 2012, a weapon for the right to housing

Geneva, United Nations (Demir Sonmez, 29/09/12)

Over 400 participants have declared the Geneva Habitat Forum, which took place on the eve of World Zero Eviction Days - for the Right to Housing, a success. The opening conference, the awards for the civil society initiatives for sustainable cities, the International Evictions Tribunal and the Inhabitants March to the Palais des Nations Unies were among the strong points of the mobilization.

Geneva Habitat Forum 2012, a weapon for the right to housing

Geneva, Inhabitants March, Ilot 13 (Demir Sonmez, 29/09/12)

This second edition was able to take into account more on the rootedness in the city of Geneva. Notably, whilst ties with the ASLOCA Tenants Association have been confirmed, a new link has been established with the struggles of the Collectif 500 organization, who proposed an alternative to the destruction of a residential area to give way to the expansion of the Cornavin Station, as well the CODHA voluntary housing cooperatives movement. Without forgetting the support from the city of Geneva, particularly through the participation of Mayor Rémy Pagani. Mr. Pagani, a former leader for the struggles of inhabitants, welcomed the Inhabitants March to the Palais des Nations Unies where the awards were given out and the recommendations of the Tribunal were read out.

Last but not least, the  “Call from Geneva: A city by and for its inhabitants!” was launched.

The involvement of other organizations and networks should be highlighted. These include UrbaMonde, HIC and Amnesty International, which, have joined the International Alliance of Inhabitants and PALC this year, promoters and participants of the Habitat Media Forum and those of the First Session of the International Evictions Tribunal in 2011.

Equally, the Tribunal has become an increasingly efficient tool given that it is a common weapon of the organizations and networks of inhabitants who fight to defend the right to housing without borders.

Geneva Habitat Forum 2012, a weapon for the right to housing

Zero Evictions due to Cornavin Train Station Expansion (Geneva, 29 09 12)

Once the recommendations are sent to all concerned parties, including the governments responsible for the evictions, the United Nations who should keep watch over human rights issues and civil societies who should be used strengthen joint action, a follow-up is planned to take place. In effect, two reports have been requested for the end of February and the end of August 2013 to verify the implementation of ending evictions and violence, the compensation of inhabitants affected, as well as their eventual relocation within the proximity i.e. without breaking their territorial ties. Given that the requests are based on international standards, notably General Comments n. 4 and n. 7 of article 11 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, a lack of response will require organizations to take immediate action and other measures at all levels to ensure that the violated legality be respected.

In the meantime, inhabitants organizations are already in the process of presenting the recommendations from the Tribunal during the planned initiatives within the October Days frameworks.

To foster this effort, the networks have decided to continue their collaboration, particularly with the aim of establishing a Permanent International Evictions Tribunal. With this perspective, the launch of an appeal case for the 2013 session has been envisaged within the framework of the World Assembly of Inhabitants (WSF Tunis, 23-28 March 2013)

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>>> Read the Recommendations of the International Evictions Tribunal 2012


Cases presented to the International Evictions Tribunal
Community of Jardim São Francisco

Witness: Benedito Barbosa (Central Movimentos Populares)
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dharavi Pipeline Community

Witness: Anthony K. Prashanth (PROUD)
Location: Mumbai, India

Déguerpissement violent des déplacés de la Place Jérémie

Witness: Jackson Doliscar (FRAKKA) and Colette Lespinasse (GARR)
Location: Port au Prince, Haiti

Port Harcourt waterfronts

Witness: Marcus George (Concerned citizens)
Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Forced eviction of Chi Kreng, Siem Reap province, Cambodia and Forced eviction of Boeung Kak Lake, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Witness: Luon Sovath
Location: Cambodia


Winners of the Civil Society Initiatives for Sustainable Cities Award

Association Humanitaire AKAMASOA

Initiative: Le logement pour le respect de la dignité humaine
Representative: Père Pédro Opéka 
Country: Madagascar

Association LPE - Le Ponceau écodurable

Initiative: Le Ponceau écodurable
Representative: Christian Faliu
Country: France

DESCO, Programa Urbano

Initiative: Gestión participativa del riesgo para prevenir desastres en la comunidad
Representative: Ramiro Garcia
Country: Peru


Initiative: Construcción de viviendas y hábitat de propiedad colectiva por autogestión y ayuda mutua
Representative: Humberto Antúnez
Country: Uruguay

União Por Moradia Popular- Bahia

Initiative: Autogestao em moradia popular
Representative: Marli Carrara
Country: Brazil

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Katherine Zublin


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