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2018: Long live the Inhabitants R-Existences in Solidarity!

Best wishes from/for all inhabitants of rural and urban areas who R-Exist: who Fight and Resist to Exist, Dream, Love, Live in solidarity to Build Alternative Social Pacts for the Living Well in Peace and Democracy!

We wish you the very best while counting on your support!

We wish the best in implementing revolutionary proposals:

  • To all those who are homeless, or living in substandard housing or suffering eviction, for victory with the solidarity and the struggles of resistance and for an alternative to neoliberalism;
  • To all the inhabitants who are builders and who make themselves responsible for the right to live, to be acknowledged for creating human settlements that are equitable, sustainable and safe;
  • To all the organisations of urban and rural inhabitants, of the workers and their networks, for their ability to unite the struggles which are essential to protect and save the communities, the countryside and living well in our Mother Earth;
  • To all NGOs, professionals, local authorities, governments, and the United Nations, may you implement policies which are founded on human and environmental rights that oppose the public-private partnerships that prevail in the market and the grabbing of common goods;
  • To us all, for rising up to the challenge of creating Alternative Social Pacts in solidarity and without borders, founded on the primacy of human rights, the environment, democracy, responsibility and the redistribution of wealth.

We wish for a New Year of united commitment  to :

  • Implement the New Inhabitants’ Agenda that was created by the People’s Social Forum Resistance to Habitat III, as an alternative to the UN’s New Urban Agenda;
  • Strengthen the building process for the Urban and Community Way, a collective forum and channel for sharing experiences, strategies and management of common tools to support global solidarity with local struggles;
  • Implement the Recommendations of the International Tribunal on Evictions and bring about respect for the human rights of more than 60 million people who have been evicted or are facing threat worldwide.

2018 common agenda not to be missed (in progress):

  • World Social Forum (Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, 13-17/03/18)
  • World Zero Evictions Days (October 2018)

It's up to you to participate and add!  

We wish you the very best while counting on your support!

As we transmit our New Year message, we remind you that we rely on your support to keep the International Alliance of Inhabitants independent and strong. 

If you also support these wishes you can send us your donation on PayPal (click the “Donate ” button at the top of www.habitants.org ) or contact donate.iai@habitants.org


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