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United in solidarity, we fight and build the Urban and Communitarian Way to living well on our planet!

Happy New Year for 2012, as now is the time:

for the homeless, badly housed and evicted to draw on ties of solidarity and on the fight to build resistance and alternatives in order to face up to the attacks of neoliberalism and come out on top ... (---> Onwards towards 2013!)

for constructive inhabitants to be the holders of the right to habitat and to take on the responsibility of acting as the recognized authors of fair, sustainable and safe human settlements;

for inhabitants' organizations to converge so that they can take a leading position in a new Social Urban Pact founded on the sovereignty of the universal right to habitat.

An excellent 2011!

During the year that has just ended, conflicts became more radical and more extensive as inhabitants fought back and displayed their desire to take an active role in resisting the global and housing crisis and promoting the ethical and systemic changes key to solving it.

Congratulations are therefore due to all those who worked to build convergences with international networks for the right to habitat during the World Assembly of Inhabitants, to ensure the success of the World Zero Evictions Days-for the Right to Habitat, and to establish dialogue and alliances with other organizations and alterglobalist networks.

Well done all of you, because 2011, despite all the obstacles, has seen the emergence of a solidarity-based response by inhabitants fighting for another possible world!

Our very best wishes for 2012!  

So that everyone, everywhere—each with their own specific factors and context but working together—can develop their participation in this joint process of struggle, the year will be marked by four key dates: the Thematic World Social Forum in Porto Alegre in January will get the year started, followed by the People's Summit at Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro in June and the Urban Social Forum – World Urban Forum in Naples in September, then by the general mobilization of the World Zero Evictions Days-for the Right to Habitat in October, everywhere in the world.

We will thus be consolidating the Urban and Communitarian Way proposal, in its role as a joint space for inhabitants' organizations to share their experiences and strategies and reinforce global solidarity with local campaigns.

---> Onwards towards 2013!

Yes, since the 2012 schedule and programme provide the building blocks for 2013, a year that will be hosting the next World Assembly of Inhabitants during the WSF in North Africa, an event already in preparation.

So we wish you a very happy 2012 as, united in solidarity, we fight and build the Urban and Communitarian Way, the path to living well on our planet!


Download the 2012 Calendar and use it as your screen saver, and don't forget to add your dates by sending them to info@habitants.org  so that together we can make it a shared space for organizations and networks of inhabitants without borders!

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IAI calendar

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