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Solidarity towards the Asian Population

Making the inhabitants’ know-how available for reconstruction and the wealth of states for the the abolition of foreign debt. Faced with the disaster of apocalyptic proportions that has upset great part of Asia, the International Alliance of Inhabitants calls upon associations of civil society and all anti-globalisation movements to show, in a concrete manner, solidariety with the stricken populations. It is time to get going, putting all our know-how as builders of cities to rebuild the villages of fishermen, the shantytowns and the popular quarters destroyed by the Tsunami. Otherwise, we run the risk that nobody will take the necessary action.

Tsunami News from Asia's Urban Poor Networks

The Indian ocean tsunami disaster has claimed 140,000 lives. However reports indicate the death toll is likely to "grow exponentially" once aid workers can fully assess the extent of the damage - in Indonesia in particular. About five million people are homeless.

Class is back in the US as the ownership society crumbles

Bush hoped to be proud father of the rightwing economic revolution's grand project. Instead, he is its undertaker Remember the "ownership society", fixture of major George Bush addresses for the first four years of his presidency? "We're creating ... an ownership society in this country, where more Americans than ever will be able to open up their door where they live and say, welcome to my house, welcome to my piece of property," Bush said in October 2004.

The City Under the Free Market

ALAI AMLATINA, 31/01/2008, Panama.- Panama City is currently undergoing a major urban transformation, as a result of a government policy aimed at feeding a speculative spiral concentrated on deposits and one which is causing disorder in all spheres. Official statistics show that in 2007 building permits totalling over US$2 billion were approved in Panama City.

СРОЧНЫЙ ПРИЗЫВ о помощи пострадавшим от циклона "Сидр" в Бангладеш

Помогите спасти миллионы человеческих жизней!

From the Bayou to Baghdad: Mission Accomplished?

During the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, several dozen public-housing residents and activists marched to the headquarters of the Housing Authority of New Orleans.