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Autorità locali


Speech delivered by Catherine Peyge during the first municipal council meeting of the new term on March 14th 2008

The Municipal Council of Bobigny has been appointed. The mayor and the deputy mayors have been elected. We are going to continue our work. We have our road map in hand, as they say: 136 objectives! But not 136 articles!

FAL Network : Malaga Declaration

As a result of the works carried out during the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st of March 2007 in Malaga, and taking as reference the conclusions of the table on Participatory Budgeting held in FAL of Nairobi, we are constituted as Participatory Democracy and Participatory Budgeting Working Group of the FAL Network.

Ciudad. El desafío del municipalismo para el África del futuro

“Garantizar que los servicios relacionados con el agua y la electricidad queden en manos de los gobiernos y no sean privatizados” y “abolir el requisito de visado para los africanos que viajan de un país a otro dentro del continente” para evitar que la “restricción de los movimientos” actúe “contra la unidad africana y el progreso de sus habitantes”. Estos son las demandas más contundentes que presenta la Declaración de Alcaldes emitida en el 4º Encuentro Africities/Africité, que - en cierto sentido - puede considerarse el primer follow-up de la discusión del World Urban Forum realizado en junio en Vancouver.

Declaration of Nairobi and Agenda of Commitments

In this 7th meeting of the FAL, in the context of the WSF in Nairobi, we have met again to assert the important role of local governments for Another Possible World.

Bernard Birsinger, The communist mayor of Bobigny – a global city

His last words were in support of the right of housing for all, especially for the poor. These words were a true representation of his character, a clear picture of what he was and will continue to represent.

Working towards the "World Forum for Suburban Local Authorities" (FALP)

Organised jointly by outlying towns in Europe and Latin America, the "Nanterre International Encounters" which took place in October 2002 permitted an initial exchange of experiences, information, practices and studies concerning this specific question.

Bobigny passes three decrees against evictions

On 15 March 2007, the Mayer of Bobigny , Catherine Peyge, will sign three decrees to ban evictions and the cutting off of water and electricity supplies in the commune. They will be submitted to the préfecture of Seine-Saint-Denis on the same day.