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Abitanti d'Africa


The First Conference for the Right to Housing in Tunisia

As a result of an initial appeal the day after the World Assembly of Inhabitants, a steering committee was formed to set up the first Conference on the Right to Housing during the World Zero Eviction Days - For the Right to Habitat taking place next October. Invitation: to sign the call for support and participate in regional preparatory meetings. The goal: to make housing a national priority through the voices of inhabitants and other concerned parties.

Morocco Conference: Cooperative Housing and the real estate crisis

On Saturday 27 July 2013, The Réseau Marocain Pour Le Logement Décent organised a conference on the theme: Cooperative housing and the real estate crisis, at the seat of the Bars of Rabat.

La vivienda en Marruecos: ¿problema de planificación o especulación?

La Red Marroquí por La Vivienda Digna ha organizado una conferencia titulada: La Vivienda en Marruecos: “¿problema de planificación o especulación?”El miércoles 12 de junio, en Rabat.

Tunis: The Truth is not always nice to see, the homeless are there

Conférence Doustourna, La vérité n'est pas toujours belle à voir, pourtant les SDF sont là (FSM Tunis, 27 mars 2013) The headline above, put together during the World Social Forum by a group of young activists from the Doustourna association network - part of the Medina cellule - can be seen as representative of the conference’s content, as a contribution to the World Assembly of Inhabitants. The WSF took place from 26 to 30 March 2013 in Tunis, capital of the “Jasmine” revolution, under the slogan of “Dignity-Karama".

Lagos, Thousands forcefully evicted in Badia east

Day Two of Ongoing Demolition Looms On Saturday, February 23, 2013, a demolition squad from the Lagos State Government began forcefully evicting thousands of residents of the Badia East community in Lagos. Over the course of the day, two bulldozers, dozens of uniformed Lagos State Physical Planning and Development Agency (LASPPDA) agents and countless others working with the Lagos State Environmental and Sanitation Task

Make the voices of Africa’s inhabitants heard

Facing forced evictions in Africa (© Amnesty International, March 2012) From 4 to 8 December the IAI will make the voices of Africa’s urban inhabitants heard at Dakar by hosting and participating in a series of events, including the Sixth Africities Summit (no registration charge for anyone to attend the Thematic Session on Associations of Inhabitants) and meetings with local residents organisations in the neighbourhoods. In this way the network is building upon relationships and convergences developed at the last World Assembly of Inhabitants (WAI, WSF Dakar 2011) and encouraging participation in the next WAI which will take place in Tunis (WSF, March 2013). Your signature is needed to support the recognition of inhabitants organisations.

Africities Summit: “Building Africa from its territories: which challenges for local governments?”

Organised by the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLGA) every three years, Africities is a meeting of local government, ministers, city mayors, bureaucrats and traditional leaders as well as trade unionists, academics, NGOs and CSOs. Africities VI will take place in Dakar Senegal from 4 to 8 December 2012 with over 5000 delegates from across the continent as well as mayors from China, Latin America and Turkey.

Nigeria, Demolishing foundations of peace

Spaces for Change’s just-released research study, “Demolishing Foundations of Peace” documents and critically examines the systematic pattern of forced evictions and house demolitions in Nigeria, perpetrated by both city planners and security forces, in the name of “improving national security”.

Nigeria, Refugees in their Homeland: resettle Gosa, Iddo Evictees now!

Thousands were forcibly evicted from the indigenous Gosa 1 village located along the Airport Road, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, on Thursday, April 26, 2012 on the orders of the Nigerian Army.

Sit-in bien réussi pour exiger le droit à la terre et au logement au Burkina-Faso

Sit-it des organisations d'habitants pour exiger le droit à la terre et au logement (Ougadougou, 30 03 2011) La Bourse du Travail de Ouagadougou a accueilli pendant tout la journée du 30 mars le sit-in organisé par les organisations d'habitants pour exiger justice, donc la levée de la suspension de lotissement, non à l'accaparement des terres et aux déguerpissements.