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Abitanti d'Africa


Dandora Dumping Site: The Biggest Human Rights Violation in Kenya

Nairobi, Stop Dumping Death on Us Nairobi has over 4,000,000 inhabitants and just one dumping site: Dandora. People are obliged to burn the waste and toxic fumes contaminate the air 24 hours a day affecting over 900,000 people. On the 10th of December 2009 , World Human Rights Day, the campaign invites you to take part in a public forum at Korogocho Chief Camp, a space for community members and key institutional stakeholders to look for a way forward.

Обновленный вариант доклада о сносах зданий в Порт-Харкорте

One of the De-roofed buildings in Njemanze Street, Port Harcourt Этот доклад основан на уточенных данных, предоставленных Национальным союзом собственников и арендаторов Нигерии, собранных в ходе посещения и осмотра места событий, бесед с их участниками. Текст доклада будет подвергнут дальнейшей редакции, в него будет включена информация об условиях жизни пострадавших граждан, а также предложения по оказанию им помощи в целях облегчения страданий и предотвращения повторений случившегося.

Отчет о геноциде в прибрежной части Бунду

Bundu Waterfront Genocide ПРОМЕЖУТ- ОЧНЫЙ ОТЧЕТ от 12 октября 2009 года о геноциде, развязанном Правительством Штата Риверс против жителей городского районаДанный отчет посвящен недавним событиям, связанным с геноцидом населения в Буду Уотерфронт, прибрежном районе города Порт Харкурт в Штате Риверс (Нигерия). Данный Отчет представлен Национальным Союзом Жильцов Нигерии и основывается не только на публикациях в газетах, но в большей степени на личном опыте сотрудников Союза, которые посетили место событий и взяли интервью у лидеров жителей района, которые подтвердили факты описываемых событий и предоставили Союзу необходимую информацию.

Maroc: Au secours, "Caryane centra" agonise!

Au secours Caryane centra agonise! Le mythique bidonville des Carrières centrales est dans l'œil de la spéculation foncière, pour se voir menacé de dispersion aux quatre coins de Casablanca.

Durban, Violent attacks on the Abahlali baseMjondolo:evictions and deaths

Eyewitness Video Testimony The political rivalry in KwaZulu Natal has exploited ethnic sentiment and tensions that emerged during the Jacob Zuma election campaign, and we believe that the African National Congress (ANC) in and around Kennedy Road is using ethnicity to mobilise local residents against popular social movements such as Abahlali baseMjondolo. We call to mobilise in solidarity of the Kennedy Road Development Committee and Abahlali baseMjondolo.

South Africa, Relocation, relocation, demonstration

Abalahli march on Dan Plato 20th july 2009 (© Sydelle Willow Smith) The South Africa's largest shack dwellers' movement Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM) have been fighting over the issue of housing rights for 15 years now. Now a representative is in London to promote te movement

Port Harcourt, UN-Habitat for an immediate moratorium on demolitions and forced evictions

While the River State Governor seems to have engaged a final battle to destroy Njemanze and Abonnema Wharf waterfronts despite the Federal High Court of Nigeria made an Order restraining him from carrying out any demolition in the waterfronts, UN-Habitat has spread the Report on the fact-finding mission to Port Harcourt (12-16 March 2009). No formal comments were received from the Rivers State Government, but our sources confirm that they had received the Report and was aware of UN-HABITAT's assessment of the evictions in Port Harcourt.

South Africa, Oppose the 'Slums Act'

No Land, No House, No Vote, South Africa 25 and 26 February 2009The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government has passed legislation [1] affecting the lives and rights of shack dwellers. The shack-dweller movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo, has challenged this law and will take their case to the Constitutional Court. But after a provincial judge ruled against the movement's first challenge, an article by the head of media services for the Department of Housing (published in the Witness newspaper on 24th February 2009) said:

Mozambico: the season of future

reportage by Francesco Fantini This book is a collection of notes taken during a journey to Mozambique that I made with Gil, a former homeless boy who, like many others, managed to take his place in society again thanks to the help of international solidarity that welcomed him and allowed him to study.