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Abitanti d'Africa



Habitant.e.s des pays riverains nous nous sommes rencontré.e.s à Marseille dans le cadre du Forum des Habitants de la Méditerranée, lancé par l'Alliance Internationale des Habitants en coordination avec les Etats Généraux de la Ville, nous avons conclu un Pacte solidaire pour la construction du Réseau des Habitants de la Méditerranée.

Appello alla solidarietà internazionale STOP ALL'INDUSTRIA DI MORTE A GABES!

L’Associazione Tunisina degli Abitanti per l'Alloggio Dignitoso e l'Alleanza Internazionale degli Abitanti sono solidali con il Movimento STOP POLLUTION GABES. La lotta all'inquinamento e l'applicazione dell'articolo 45 della Costituzione devono essere una priorità in Tunisia e al centro della solidarietà degli abitanti del Mediterraneo.


Sabine Réthoré, Dessins. Cartographie contemporaine (http://www.sabine-rethore.net) We would like to welcome you all to Marseille, France,  from 21 to 23 June 2019! We are the more than 500 million people that inhabit the 22 countries bordering our sea, the Mediterranean. In this communal area that we share, we could create a good atmosphere of living together in peace; we could move around freely, respecting the environment and the human rights of all people.

Appel des associations et collectifs à des Etats généraux de Marseille: Vivante, Populaire et Accueillante

Un appel pour des Etats Généraux de Marseille a été diffusé lors de la commémoration des effondrements des deux immeuble en rue d’Aubagne , où huit personnes sont mortes au mois de novembre 2018.

Resisting Participation, Renegotiating Slum Upgrading Through Resistance

Abstract Slum upgrading is a policy that has been championed all throughout the global south with little hinderance. Much of the “success” behind slum upgrading is that it has been carried out in participatory manners. Contrary to what many institutions believe, academia has shown how participatory politics often serves to close debate and reduce accountability surrounding the implementation of large scale infrastructure projects. In the case of Nairobi, many of these participatory bodies are coopted by the local “elites”.

Rabat, Migranti e Diritto alla Casa nella Giornata Internazionale dei Migranti

Nel contesto della Giornata Internazionali dei Migranti, la Rete Marocchina Per l’Alloggio Dignitoso (Réseau Marocain Pour le Logement Décent-RMLD), membro attivo dell’Alleanza Internazionale degli Abitanti (IAI) e membro fondatore della Coalizione Marocchina de la Giustizia Climatica, organizza “Migranti e diritto alla casa”, sabato 22 dicembre 2018 nella sede dell’ Associazione degli affari social di donne e uomini e degli insegnanti a Rabat.

The Program of Inhabitants at Africities 2018

Organized by UCLG-A in Marrakesh, Morocco from 20 to 24 November 2018, Africities VIII is the most important continental gathering for local governments. The IAI will participate to strengthen the voice of the inhabitants in this dialogue, by organizing on 23/11 the Meeting “Towards the construction of a Mediterranean Network of Inhabitants” to give answers to the request for freedom to reside and circulate residents of this common sea.

Towards the construction of a Mediterranean Inhabitants' Network

The meeting, organized by the IAI at Africities the 23/11/18, aims to establish an international network of organizations of inhabitants across the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, residents and migrants, in partnership with local authorities who share the human rights approach in the implementation of housing, urban planning and democratic governance policies.

Evictions and citizenship in Casablanca

On the last week of September, a wave of evictions fell on the industrial neighborhood of Ain Sbaa, Northern periphery of Casablanca, Morocco. A huge police operation cleared more than 1,300 self-built houses in the beighborhood of Douar Wasti , settled in the area since the Thirties. Around 5,000 residents had been negotiating with the City Council for six months, and didn’t expect to be chased off their houses with snipers pointing at them from the buildings around, and with nothing more than the promise of obtaining, some day, plots of land 30kms far, in the rural area of Hay Hajjaj .

Desalojos en Casablanca: solidaridad y propuestas de la RMLD

La Red Marroquí para la Vivienda Digna (RMLD) en Casablanca/Settat denuncia las violaciones de los derechos humanos reconocidos por parte de Marruecos, que se encuentran en los desalojos de los habitantes de Casablanca como parte del programa “ciudades sin tugurios”. Una tragedia anteriormente sufrida por cientos de miles de habitantes de otras ciudades y países vecinos del Mediterráneo. La Alianza Internacional de los Habitantes ha compartido solidaridad y propuestas para solucionar el problema.