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Ted Anana: the seeds of solidarity he sowed will continue to flourish and inspire us

Dear friends,

The sad news of the loss of our friend and comrade, Ted, touches the hearts and minds of all of us.
 I would therefore like to start by offering our most sincere condolences to his wife Connie, his entire family and all of you, but sure in the knowledge that he will be with us all forever.

His selflessness, courage, discipline and modesty, which took him to prison during the military dictatorship in the Philippines, were indeed gifts of solidarity that lit up the life of a man who was a true hero to his people and an example to us all.
During his 40 years of militancy in several areas, including the fight against evictions, he always remained aware of global roots and class inequalities. His years of commitment are full of lessons about the need for unity if we want to win in the fight for the right to housing and build another possible world, a world without borders. 

His calls against evictions and his words and actions, which crossed geographical boundaries and different networks, did indeed sow the seeds of solidarity for building a common global platform, rooted in solidarity, for the inhabitants' organizations and urban social movements that we all feel are of strategic importance.

It is therefore such a pity that his health prevented him from being with us at the World Assembly of Inhabitants, another step forward in this process of convergence. However, it is clear to everyone who knew him that the seeds of solidarity sown throughout his life were flourishing in Dakar and will continue to grow and inspire us.

It is up to us to continue together on the path his commitment has opened up.

Ciao  in solidarity,

Cesare Ottolini

IAI Co-ordinator


Ted Añana passed away

Dear Friends,

It is with sad hearts that we tell you Teodoro "Ted” Añana died May 29 in the Philippine Lung Center, Quezon City. He had suffered for several years
from emphysema and other lung problems.

Ted deserves well of his country. He served the poor people of Bohol as a parish priest; he worked in the National Secretariat for Social Action at the Justice and Peace desk; he served with the armed militants of the  Martial Law era; and finally he worked with us at Urban Poor Associates from 1992 to the present. Denis Murphy and Ted founded UPA. He gave special care  to poor families facing eviction. We must honor a man who has given nearly 40 years of his life to his people.

He is survived by his wife Connie, three sons and a daughter, Margarita.

Contributions for the family can be sent to:

Account Name: Teodoro Anana
Name of Bank: UCPB-Diliman Branch
Account Number: 151-1091384

Or you may send them to Urban Poor Associates and we will give them to the family. Thank you.

Very sincerely,

25A Mabuhay Street, Barangay Central 1100
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel (+632) 426-4119  / 426-7615
Telefax (+632) 426-4118

A Well-Known Housing Right Advocate Died

Перевод этого текста  выполнен  добровольцами из группы за жилищные права без границ МСЖ:

Anna Syska, Philippa Bowe Smith


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