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Habitantes de Europa


Istanbul: A new step in the fight for housing

ISTANBUL (July 28, 2008) - The Popular Front for the Fight against Demolitions assembled the working class citizens who are faced with the threat of their houses being demolished at the Congress for Housing Rights in Okmeydani, in the city of Devren Dü—ün Salonu.At this Congress, where ideas on the future of this mission were put up for debate and experiences of this conflict were discussed both on local and international levels, the name “The Popular Front for the Fight against Demolitions” was changed to “The Popular Front for Housing Rights”.

Istanbul, the co-ordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants met the demolition victims

ISTANBUL (29.07.2008) – Yesterday, the co-ordinator of the International Alliance of Inhabitants, Cesare Ottolini, visited Sulukule and Ayazma where the inhabitants have been the victim of demolitions planned by the Urban Redevelopment Project.

Sotchi : residents fighting against forced expulsions, arrested

In Sotchi, the capital of the 2014 Olympic Games, the situation is becoming increasingly tense. On the one hand, the Federal Russian power, is worried about using the international event at best, to restore Russia's image, but also to carry out a radical facelift of the seaside town and its environs. On the other hand, the residents of the area are stepping up their demonstrations and protest actions against the property constructions that are devastating the historical and ecological environment.

Rome, Vivere Cooperative 2000: nineteen years of fighting for the right to housing, and it’s paying off!

On Monday, July 14th 2008, the members of the Vivere Cooperative 2000 celebrated their 19th anniversary in their common property ex-convent. The celebration took place at the “Il Cantiere” Social Centre, which is located in the autonomously restructured building on Sonnino Place.The get-together was an opportunity to recall the 14th of July 1997, when a handful of homeless people, under the guidance of the Union of Property Owners of Rome, marched on the building and immediately took on the task of restructuring it, on the same day as the fall of the Bastille.

"We need a social urban alliance to build a new kind of town."

The co-ordination committee of the International Alliance of Inhabitants held a meeting in Madrid in the first week in June - Diagonal took the opportunity to interview one of its founding members. Cesare Ottolini, leader of the Italian Tenants Union, has been travelling the world for several years telling people about the International Alliance of Inhabitants, a network of 350 organisations from 40 different countries.

The campaign for eviction-free municipalities

Following the success of the ‘Zero Evictions’ campaign in countries like the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Croatia, Italy and Kenya (where, in return for cancellation of the country’s external debt with Italy, most of the government’s planned 300,000 evictions from sub-standard housing in Nairobi have been blocked), the work of the International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI) is now reaching the Spanish state.

Housing Rights: Breakthrough ruling by the Council of Europe

European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless

Утром 25 июня жильцы общежития по адресу Ясный проезд, 19, выселенные накануне сотрудниками федеральной службы исполнения наказаний (ФСИН), вернулись в свои квартиры, расположенные на третьем этаже здания.

Столкновения жителей и сотрудков ФСИН продолжаются: жителей повторно пытаются выселить из квартир. Избит депутат Мосгордумы Сергей Митрохин и несколько активистов. До 4 часов утра фсиновцы находились на третьем этаже общежития и устанавливали металлические двери в занятых ими квартирах. После их ухода выселенные жильцы при поддержке соседей и активистов левых движений и организаций взламали двери и занесли свои вещи обратно в квартиры. Сотрудники ФСИН вызвали «подкрепление» и начали повторный штурм. IAI message to Ministry of Justice Russian Federation against evictions foyer (english, 2008).pdf [66,05 kB]

Spain: Days for the Right to Housing without Borders

A tour of international initiatives for the right to housing and the right to the city is kicking off on Saturday 31 May in Madrid with the seminar ¿ Cómo conseguir una vivienda digna ? (How to obtain decent housing). These initiatives are probably the first ever of their kind to be held in Spain, and will run until Saturday 7 June. They go under the name of the Days for the Right to Housing without Borders, organized by the International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI) in partnership with the Federacion de Vecinos de Madrid , Plataforma por una Vivienda Digna and other inhabitants collectives, and in collaboration with FAMSI-FAL and various local authorities (the Basque country government, Diputacion from Malaga and Grenada, the communes of Jaen, Seville and Rivas).

Italia, solidarietà per fermare l'orrore prossimo venturo

In Italia, ogni giorno avvengono sgomberi di accampamenti, baracche, fabbriche abbandonate, ponti. Provate a cercare la parola - chiave "sgomberi" su www.unioneinquilini.it: il concetto e la pratica sono simili assomigliano troppo all'operazione Murabatswina (butta via l'immondizia) dello Zimbabwe di Mugabe. Vincenzo Simoni 18 maggio 2008