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Россия: Призыв к международной солидарности с голодающими «обманутыми дольщиками строительных пирамид»

17 апреля в Москве началась голодовка «обманутых дольщиков строительных пирамид».

Russia: Putin can no longer ignore the rising solidarity

First road blocks and the first death for «duped co-investors» on hunger strike Don’t forget that this movement assembles tens of thousands of people throughout Russia who have contributed funds or invested in the construction of housing vouched for by the local and regional authorities. Once construction stopped, they find themselves with neither money nor housing. The day before the hunger strike, begun in Moscow on April 17th and extended to May 8th, IAI had called for international solidarity. In total, 50 people from several regions in Russia participated, with 6 staying for 22 days.