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How to join the World Zero Evictions Days?

We suggest that you regroup your initiatives throughout the month of October to implement a common program of inhabitants r-existing

Throughout October, popular initiatives will be held in several countries around the world in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean.

The official opening will take place in the Dominican Republic for the 500th anniversary of the first guerrilla rebellion against occupation and dispossession, and then as part of the World Human Rights Forum in the City (Gwangju, South Korea, 1 October 2019). Events will then continue throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and the Caribbean leading up to the session of the Tribunal on Evictions (New York, 28 October 2019).

We propose:

  • Denouncing threats of evictions, demolitions, land grabbing, violence against activists: ite.coordinator@habitants.org  
  • Blocking evictions
  • “Requisitioning” homes that have been vacant for a long time
  • Fighting against austerity plans based on neoliberal policies to overcome the crisis
  • Fighting against the privatisation and liberalisation of the housing and land sector
  • And more...

Local authorities and solidary governments propose coordinating with the movements to:

  • Declare their territories “free from evictions”Endorse policies and coordinated action plans for “zero evictions and for the right to housing and to the city”, based on urban and residential regeneration that protect a healthy environment without consuming it or contributing to global heating, with a focus on gender and multicultural issues
  • Build popular funds for land and housing
  • And more...

These proposals could be integrated into local, national and regional platforms and relaunched with banners, music, dancing, multi-coloured clothing, songs, marches, sit-ins, press conferences, delegations, forums, programmes and all that will be needed to raise awareness of infringements of rights to housing, land and the city. And there will be other celebrations taking place in public spaces throughout all our countries.

It will culminate at the session of the International Tribunal on Evictions due to Climate Change (Santiago, Chile, 3–5 December 2019)  in the forum at COP 25 which will run parallel.

So, if you have not sent us your material yet, we encourage you to do so asap:

  • Register your initiatives in the open space on the Facebook page
  • Inform other associations, movements and networks
  • Propose that local authorities and solidary governments support these actions

We will publish all information on the site www.habitants.org , which receives about 100,000 monthly visits, and in our bulletin (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian), which we send to more than 130,000 correspondents in around one hundred countries.

It’s easier on www.habitants.org !

Do not hesitate to contact mediai.iai@habitants.org  if you have any issues!

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