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Tent Protest: How to Promote a Social Housing Policy Right Now in Israel

tents-by-noa-olchovsky What started as a few tents in the middle of a Tel Aviv boulevard has expanded into a country-wide grassroots movement for social and economic rights. This page will keep you updated about ACRI’s work around the tent protest,

Thousands of housing activists protests held in cities across Israel

Thousands of housing protesters march in Haifa, July 26, 2011 (Hagai Fried) Housing activists, who reject Netanyahu's plan to solve the housing crisis, rally in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Ashdod and Be'er Sheva, chanting "Bibi go home" and "we want justice."After rejecting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan  to solve Israel's housing crisis, activists continued to protest across the country on Tuesday 26 July.

Iraq: Political wrangling leaves around 2.8 million displaced Iraqis with no durable solutions in sight

Seven years after the March 2003 US-led invasion, Iraq remains deeply divided. Iraqis have been internally displaced in three periods: either under the former Ba’ath government; from the March 2003 invasion until the February 2006 Samarra bombing; and since then. Today, one in ten Iraqi is still internally displaced, totalling 2.8 million people. They face continuing threats to their physical security and difficulties accessing basic necessities and essential services. (...)

IRAQ: Karbala IDPs, squatters encouraged to return

Insufficient funds and an overburdened public services infrastructure have prompted authorities in Iraq’s central province of Karbala to assist the voluntary return of up 90,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 100,000 squatters.

Yemen: Selling food aid to pay the rent

IDPs in Sanaa rush to register their names with aid agencies so that they can receive assistance (Adel Yahya/IRIN Some of the thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have fled fighting in Saada Governorate, northern Yemen, are selling food aid in the capital, Sanaa, to pay their rent, say an aid worker and some IDPs.

Ирак: сквотеры покинули приблизительно две трети домов репатриантов

По словам перемещённой иракской женщины, проживающей в багдадском квартале Адхамайя, многие вынужденные переселенцы не могут вернуться, поскольку их дома незаконно занимают другие семьи (jamesdale10/Flickr) Как заявил представитель правительства 9 января, с середины 2008 года освобождены приблизительно две трети домов, принадлежащих иракским временно пермещённым лицам (ВПЛ) или беженцам, которые были заняты сквотерами.

Demo against evictions in Nigeria and Palestine

Protest against evictions in Nigeria, Palestine and Israel, Nigerian Embassy, Tel Aviv, Israel Protest against evictions in Nigeria, Palestine and Israel: Tel Aviv, April 26 2009 עברית אחרי אנגלית In Nigeria, Palestine, Israel and the rest of the world, all people have the right for a roof above their head – a right that is taken by governments.

Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative: Final Report

ICSSI Conference - Velletri, Italy 25 – 30 march 2009The conference saw the participation of 38 Iraqi representatives (from associations, women groups, youth groups, ngo's, labour unions, media, networks) and some 20 representatives from international ngo's and social movements.

Conferenza della società civile irachena

Hassan Jumma Awad, Presidente della Federal Union of Oil, uno degli ospiti della Conferenza della società civile irachena. Foto di David Bacon A tre giorni dall'inizio della Conferenza della società civile irachena, riportiamo una relazione sintetica sullo stato dei lavori al 26 marzo: http://www.unponteper.it/informati/article.php?sid=1712 Conferenza della società civile irachena 25-31 marzo 2009 - Velletri (Roma), Italia

Palestine, Khirbet Tana to be razed, inhabitants expelled

Latest News, Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, February 6th, 2009 The so-called High Court of Justice issued the final decision relating to Khirbet Tana, east of Nablus city, sanctioning the demolition of the village and the expulsion of the entire population.