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Campaigns, solidarity and justice for secure housing and land rights

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A further 70 million inhabitants will soon be forced to join the existing one billion people who are homeless or living in bad housing conditions, according to a census taken by the UN. This constitutes a serious violation of the security of human settlements because:

  • it violates the serenity of people, families and communities constrained to the continual and precarious search for refuge instead of peacefully dedicating their time to the construction of secure, dignified and free cities and settlements;
  • it demonstrates not only that the violations of established international rights go unpunished, but that these violations are often encouraged in the name of neoliberal progress;
  • it breaks every social pact for civil cohabitation founded upon the respect for rights, justice, sustainability and the construction of a common future;
  • it determines the failure of Objective No. 7-11 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), thus undermining the hope and credibility of the public institutions and of the United Nations.

>>>We hereby invite: inhabitants’, tenants’, homeless, landless, immigrants’ associations; co-operatives, committees and social centres as well as urban social movements all across the world to increase their own initiatives (i.e. marches, press conferences, sit-ins, solidarity days, blocks, meetings, etc) by planning them within the framework of the “World Zero Eviction Days for secure housing rights”, in order to: Zero Evictions Campaign,

  • Denounce the threat of forced evictions, demolitions and housing apartheid;
  • Block property and land evictions and auction sales of the homes of victims of mortgage fraud;
  • Campaign against privatisation, liberalisation and corruption within housing and land sectors;
  • Support campaigns for land reforms and the requisition of vacant lodgings used for speculation;
  • Support the cancellation of foreign debt through the constitution of the People’s Fund for Housing and Land which should be controlled by inhabitants’ organisations;
  • Support the active reconstruction of settlements destroyed by natural disasters and wars;
  • Request that local administrations and national governments declare their territories “eviction free” by applying adequate policies;
  • Relaunch ongoing Zero Eviction Campaigns and propose new campaigns.

>>>We strongly invite local authorities, national and regional governments, the United Nations, in particular UN-Habitat and the Advisory Group on Forced Evictions (AGFE) to support these initiatives which adhere to article 11 of ICESCR, so as to attain the objectives of the MDG, particularly No. 7-11.