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Regional Training Meeting: face-to-face training for popular leaders

The International Alliance of Inhabitants is delighted to announce that we are proposing a face-to-face training course in Buenos Aires from 29 September to 2 October 2015, called “Popular movements and their responsibility in public housing policies”. The course will provide a forward-looking and independent perspective and look at the impact of inhabitants’ organizations in the run-up to the World Urban Social Form and Habitat III (Quito, October 2016) .

>>> Enclosed form to fill in and send to ALCformacion@habitants.org :

>>> We will be accepting applications until 23 August 2015

We invite you to present the candidates with the necessary profile and who must then fill in the enclosed form.

Based on the available budget, provided by the project supported by Misereor and contributions from IAI members, the course has a capacity for 10 participants.

To broaden participation, we emphasize the importance of a contribution, in the form of cash or a plane ticket for a participant. To support this process, we could send a support letter to the solidarity organizations you indicate.

We will be accepting applications up to 23 August 2015 , then the Urban Popular University will select the 10 candidates and announce the results on 31 August 2015 .

Candidates’ profile

  • Popular leaders committed to campaigns to influence public housing policies and to develop the places where they live.
  • Popular leaders ready to take on g-local responsibilities on the path to the World Urban Social Form and Habitat III (Quito, October 2016)
  • Popular leaders capable of generating proposals for action and networking with various urban-rural movements.
  • Popular leaders capable of deliberating on key themes directly linked to the needs and objectives of the IAI and joint actions in the popular movement working towards the Urban and Community Way.
  • Preferred elements to be taken into account: gender equality, young people, representation of all Latin American and Caribbean sub regions and the contribution (cash or a plane ticket) of the member organization.

Objectives of the learning process:

  • a) develop the capacity to link the specific problems of housing to their underlying causes and the consequences they produce, and thus the ability to propose alternative solutions that are both viable from a practical point of view and radical, with the aim of getting to the root of problems and solutions;
  • b) consider the specific problem mentioned above in the light of topics relating to the city, land and housing; take an active part in the debate on these themes, put forward proposals and learn to negotiate measures favourable to the people with the corresponding authorities;
  • c) promote the strengthening of convergences in the organized inhabitants’ campaigns on the path to the Urban and Community Way and of dialogue between the different local actors resulting in concerted efforts likely to improve people’s quality of life;
  • d) encourage self-esteem, cultural identity, ethical values and a sense of responsibility among the people to contribute to the development of global-local social leaders on the path to a collective project for change.

Enclosed form to fill in and send to ALCformacion@habitants.org :

Ciao in solidarity,

The project coordination team and the IAI

(with the support of Misereor as part of the “Empowering inhabitants’ organizations and their networks to influence the creation and application of alternative popular housing policies in Latin America and the Caribbean”)

Перевод этого текста выполнен добровольцем из группы за жилищные права без границ МСЖ:

Philippa Bowe


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